Queer as Folk

Season 4 Episode 6

Death in the Family

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 23, 2004 on Showtime

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  • Brian Kinney and cancer, Lindsey and Sam Auerbach, Debbie and Vic's biggest argument ever.

    This episode is basicly painful and filled with painful things. Debbie and Vic clash over Vi'c new life and what the entails and they basicly explode into this really hurtful argument. Unfortinately this is not the most hurtful part. Emmett and Michael return to his apartment to find that Uncle Vic is gone, he passed away. The scene had me crying so bad, I mean I adored Vic and it was such a shame to see him go.

    Meanwhile, Lindsey meets a very flirtatious very Brian Kinney (minus to mass appeal) kind of guy. Except he's straight. Now, I don't like him from minute one here and I particularly don't like how willing Lindsey is to play his game. I mean considering the person she is and the person he is, the person we see right away, I was very surprised at her actions. I understand he may be a good artist but that does not make him a very good person, he is very crude and demeaning towards women. I'll leave it at that.

    Then in what I can only describe as the big moment of the episode Brian Kinney, in winning a bet with Justin, finds out some veru upsetting and disturbing news. He has a lump. That can never, ever be a good sign (even when you don't know where they story line is going).
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