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Gale Harold future in desperate housewives

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    [1]Nov 30, 2008
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    so i just read that due to his motorcycle accident and his reduced screen time this last episode and because of his irrelavence in susan's relationship now, gale has been conveniently written out of the show. i am very disappointed and angry if this is true.
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    [2]Dec 14, 2008
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    Fortunately that's not true. Actually he'll be doing the voice-overs for one of the upcoming episodes instead of Mary Alice. And he will be back on Desperate Housewives in January/February. Scott Lowell says that he's recovering remarkably fast. Actually he said miraculously fast.

    He's not gonna get killed off this show like in Vanished. He's way to valuable for the show. there are so many new DH viewers who watch it just because of him. And all the other actors say that he's a vital and valuable member of the Desperate Housewives family. He's not going anywhere:-)

    And one more thing: If Mark Cherry had wanted Gale off the show, he had for sure killed Jackson off in the fire in episode 8. It wouldn't surprise me much if crazy Dave killed Mike though... I wouldn't particularly mind it if Mike was to dissapear. Then Jackson could get a bigger part!
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    [3]Dec 23, 2008
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    in a recent interview it was said that when Gale returns he will have a big part in the storyline. That's he coming to throw a huge monkey wrench in the plot. that makes me wonder. i mean he's dating susan what if he knows dave. note how he and dave have not really be in scenes together.
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