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The End - real or fantasy? - Finale Spoiler

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    Yes, I know, I'm late - but i have just finished this absolutely amazing and breathtaking (and I say that being male and straight) series and I'm still thinking about the last scene. After reading some posts in this forum it seems to me that everybody is sure the last scene is just a fantasy scene in the head of Brian and Michael but how can we be so sure? We don't see people in this scene who are not there anymore (Justin, Vic) - so why does it have to be a fantasy and not a flash forward in which Brian decided to rebuild the Babylon again and to live and dance as long as Justin will return (and he will)? Any thoughts on this?

    Again: Great show - unfortunately I don't know any other show nearly as good as Queer As Folk!

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    Hi there MarkoH01,
    it hasn't been pretty long time since i finished the show. And (just my opinion) what i thought about the last scene was the same thing you did. I mean, i really thought that was a flash forward... and it never crossed my mind that it could be just a fantasy... ^^
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    It could easily been fantasy, that's true. It could have easily been real though...however the one thing that sort of makes me hesitant to think it's real is because Justin wasn't there and it's sad to think that at some point he and Brian weren't back.

    On the other hand though I think the point of the scene wasn't that it was real or fantasy but that the thumpa thumpa continued and it always would no matter what happened.
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    Can I just say I love you for being a straight male who's watched the whole show? I have had a hard time trying to get straight males to watch it with me. . . Though, as we all know, straight females love it more than gay males do.

    I feel the end could be either (flashforward or fantasy sequence). Honestly, I kind of thought of it as a fantasy sequence, but I like your interpretation better. It makes more sense. If it was just a fantasy, Justin, Vic, and even Deb, Lindsay, and Melanieshould have been there. From now on, I will think of it as a flash forward, though perhaps at a different club (Boy Toy?). Brian will never fall in love so hard again, so I'm hoping that he and Justin will one day be reunited, but I'm ok with it taking several years. Maybe Brian will actually be able to follow his artist to New York at some point! But until then, the thumpa thumpa goes on!

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    No I thought it was real but it also felt delusional (dream like) also at times so i think its a mixture of both.

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