Queer as Folk

Season 5 Episode 8

Honest to Yourself

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 03, 2005 on Showtime

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  • Character Development

    It's so interesting to see how far all these characters have come since season one and all the obstacles they've overcome. Each of them displays a large amount of maturity but still have room to grow, not just as individuals but as couples. Looking forward to seeing how the show wraps up tomorrow...
  • Brian realizes that in the whole scheme of things, he isn't very victorious.

    Brian wins the competion, but when he has the chance to collect his prize, he turns it down. There's no one there to cheer on his victory, and no Sunshine to come home to every night. So what did he win? Nothing. In fact, he lost everything, enverything important at least. He realizes this though, but it seems as if he's going to do nothing about it. He seems to have given up and thrown up his hands that it is too late. Go out there and win them back, Brian! In the end, he learns that his life is now empty and meaningless without Justin and Mikey. And that one day his reign over Babylon will fall, and he'll be replaced.
  • Though Brian wins the competition, the prize is anything but fulfilling. This is the only episode where Brian and Justin don't interact.

    Why didn't Brian collect his prize? After trying to prove that he's still the hottest guy in Pittsburgh, it seems odd that he didn't seal the victory. But alas, maybe Brian's finally realized the emptiness of his lifestyle. Sure, he may be the hottest guy in Pittsburgh, but who cares? He has no one to congratulate him (like Michael), no one to care, and no Justin to come home to. And in the end, none of it will matter because it won't last. As Brandon pointed out, Brian's days as the hottest guy are numbered. The last scene was particularly insightful. When Brian says, "You can lock the doors and bar the windows, but it'll still get in," he's referring to age. No one, not even Brian Kinney, can stay young and beautiful forever. The episode ends with Brian staring at Brandon dancing at Babylon, an ambivalent smile on his face. Perhaps nostalgic for his youth, seeing himself in Brandon. But nonetheless accepting his mortality. Who would've thought that Brian would actually admit his pain, and to Ted of all people? In a rare honest and serious moment, Brian reveals that due to his upbringing and his bad habits, he lost the two people in his life that mean the most to him, Justin and Michael. I was taken entirely by surprise. I was sure he'd just make a snide remark and send Ted on his way. His testament shows how unhappy he is without them, and also shows that Brian Kinney isn't a rock or an island. He needs people in his life, and at this time, the two people he depends on and loves completely are the ones who have been removed from his life.

    Now would be the time to get them back Brian, if you knew what was good for you.
  • Hunter, Melanie, Lindsey, Justin, and Jennifer.

    Is everyone suffering from a massive case of depression in this episode? What is happening?

    Hunter is gone; just taking off and Ben is taking it particularly hard especially when he and Michael don't hear from him. Melanie and Lindsey attempt an in-house seperation; right!?! Because divorced couples do that all the time; it's totally natural and right move. And it doesn't at all mean you are still in love with another. I mean this is so rediculous.

    Justin has to deal with his homophobic piece of...jerk father! I mean after all these years and all their problems it seems like his father if even worse then ever. And to tell your own son that he is responsible for the dissolution of your marriage. And then to have your own son arrested! What is that? Good thing his mother has come a long way, though she wasn't a saint when it cames to Justin's coming out and being with Brian in the beginning, and is more then accepting about everything now.
  • Again, all of these characters have majorly matured.

    Lets start with Emmett. I love that he can be a scaredy cat one minute and then the rock of gilbrator in the next. Even though he couldn't completely understand what Drew was going through, he still remained a true friend and helped him walk through it. I can't wait for next week to see Drew come out.

    I love the new Ted. Completely comfortable telling Brian that he was no longer the shy, and quiet Ted, who would never pry into Brian's life with out someone there to back him up. I love that he now knows that he is a great guy and he should be taken seriously. NOw we just have to get him a great story line.

    Michael and Ben and Hunter. I hate the way they have written out Hunter. He could have stayed on, but I guess then we wouldn't get to see how Ben and Michael reacted to losing a child. I did like that Hunter did write to them, because for a second there it was pissing me off that Hunter did not acknowledge or respect what he had with Michael and Ben.

    Lindsey and Melanie - Lindsey is jealous and Melanie is making baby steps to moving on. Good, lets hope those two crazy kids can work it out.. I think next week promises a sexy love scene that is so rarely seen with these two.

    Poor Justin. Has to live in a crappy apartment and his father is just a great big jerk. I would like to use a much stronger word to describe him, but alas I can not. But as always, Justin stands up for what he believes in, no matter what the consequences are.

    I'm kind of glad Brian one the contest with Brandon, but I'm also equally as glad that he didn't take his winnings. I loved him telling Ted the truth of what was wrong with his life and saying that it only made Ted feel better. I'm just hoping that this series finale ends with Brian having grown up, but not completely changing. It would not be true to his character if he changed into a completely domesticated shell of his former self.

    As always, can't wait until next week.