Queer as Folk

Season 2 Episode 3

Hypocrisy: Don't Do It

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2002 on Showtime

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  • Brian's Character = Beautiful

    This episode featured wonderful commentary on the nature of stereotypes and hypocrisy within the gay community and it developed Brian's character beautifully. Amazed by the quality of this show and how it continues to surprise me and make me think well into its second season. Looking forward to watching more!
  • Emmett gets a job working for a couple that resembles the characters in a tv show he watches. Brian works with Justin and his anxiety. Brian is nominated for the Gay hero of the year award. Mike is angry with Brian.

    So yet again Mike acts like a whiney little school boy who's in the third grade when Brian blows off his invitation to the comic convention so he a can sleep with a cop. When Deb tells Mike that she thinks Brian might actually love Justin, it really hits home. Mike mopes around in his annoying, pouty way like he always gets when he can't be stuck up Brian's butt like a lost puppy dog. He later runs into Brian at Babylon and tells him off, but they ultimately make up like they always do when Brian meets Mike at the convention. So what bother's Mike more, the fact that he's getting blown off by his best friend, or the fact that Brian might actually be in love with someone...someone other than Mike? Brian was supposed to be at the award ceremony to accept the gay hero award for saving Justin's life. Brian didn't want the award but Mel and Linze pretty much made him accept it, (when Linze grabbed him by his equipment and told him what he was going to do), until people from the center told them they weren't going to give Brian the award after all because they could lose funding because of the garbage author Howard Bellweather wrote about him. Mel and Linze ask Brian not to accept the award. I was pretty sure he was going to and make a perfect speech to go with it, but i guess not. Gus started walking! Also, Ted went to the bookstore and bought Howard Bellweather's new book. While he was getting an autograph, Brian and Justin walk in and tell him off. Ted later sees Howard at what he and Mike thought was a body building party, (that they attended under the influence and encouragement of Vic and Deb)but turned out to be a bare back orgy. Ted is disappointed though he still believes the things Howard says. By the way i loved the hot sex scene with Mel and Linze and the vibrator. I thought it was hilarious when Mel stuck it in the plant and tried to explain that vibration stimulation causes the petals to open. In the meantime Brian gets Justin to walk down the street a little on his own. This is the first thing i've seen of the real Justin so far, maybe we will get sunshine back. Justin then decides he can walk back to Brian's apartment alone. Emmett continues his naked maid routine and gets a gig working for a couple that is almost completely like the one on the tv show Gay as Blazes. When he engages with sexual acts with Blain and Blair both, he feels like he broke up some kind of eleven year long relationship that was perfect before he came along. He later finds out that they are lying to themselves, they in fact told each other about Emmett because this is normal to them, and they say it's not cheating by disguising it as "extra help around the house." How weird. Emmett ultimately winds up quitting. I liked this episode, especially seeing the glimpse of old sunshine. We also finally got to see another sex scene between Linze and Mel.
  • "He got his point across. Loud and clear."

    Brian gets nominated for the "Hero Award" at the Gay and Lesbian Center. Only not everyone thinks that he's a hero, including Tannis and Phil, those stiffs from the GLC. But there's another critic that disagrees with Brian's heroic efforts, Howard Bellwether, from Out magazine. He criticizes Brian and Justin's relationship, but what makes Brian most upset, is that he said he was 31 instead of 30... how dare he? With all the work that it took Mel and Linds to convince him to accept it, now they have to convince him to decline it, because the GLC is scared of Howard's reaction. But in true Kinney style, he doesn't show up to the awards at all, which clearly gets the point across to everyone. Very funny episode.
  • Howard Bellweather vs Brian Kinney

    I love how even when Justin is having a difficult time with just being amoung other people he defends Brian down to the tips of his toes. His encounter with this Howard Bedwetter is probably the best scene of the episode, though Brian's costume encounter with a police offer does make for a great scene. Again in this episode we really get to see how much Brian has been touched by Justin and how sweet they can be with one another, despite Brian and his unwillingness to be tied down by the straight mans restrictions, how Brian can be when he wants to be. A true testment to this is the fact that even through all his years and all Brian has done to him Michael has remained his biggest and most loyal worshiper, which I think sometimes Brian forgets.
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