Queer as Folk

Season 2 Episode 3

Hypocrisy: Don't Do It

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2002 on Showtime

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  • "He got his point across. Loud and clear."

    Brian gets nominated for the "Hero Award" at the Gay and Lesbian Center. Only not everyone thinks that he's a hero, including Tannis and Phil, those stiffs from the GLC. But there's another critic that disagrees with Brian's heroic efforts, Howard Bellwether, from Out magazine. He criticizes Brian and Justin's relationship, but what makes Brian most upset, is that he said he was 31 instead of 30... how dare he? With all the work that it took Mel and Linds to convince him to accept it, now they have to convince him to decline it, because the GLC is scared of Howard's reaction. But in true Kinney style, he doesn't show up to the awards at all, which clearly gets the point across to everyone. Very funny episode.
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