Queer as Folk

Season 2 Episode 6

Mixed Blessings

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2002 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Ted previews his new website, jerkatwork.net, to Michael, Emmett, and Brian. The guys are not very impressed until he reveals the special feature, a boss screen.

Emmett and Vic help Michael to organize the comic book store. Debbie enters with drinks followed by a rather handsome customer. It is Professor Benjamin Bruckner. He is looking for comic books for a he is teaching on gay studies.

The Dean reviews Justin's artwork with him. Justin defends his new artistic techniques to the Dean, who then approves his application to remain attending school. Everyone celebrates at the Novotnys' house. When the subject of Ted's website arises, Lindsay gets bent out of shape. Brian helps Justin clear the table and everyone is surprised to see how much the two are acting like a couple. Everyone takes bets on how long the relationship will last. Debbie refuses to participate and Lindsay suddenly says it is time for them to go. She and Mel leave. When Mel asks her what is wrong, Lindsay rants about all the sex talk. She tells Melanie how disgusting she finds porn and it bothers her that someone she knows is a part of the industry.

The next day, Ben enters the comic book store once again. He and Michael formally introduce themselves. He asks Michael to give a lecture on homoeroticism in comic books. Michael tries to put him off but Ben convinces him to give the lecture.

While Brian and Justin are shopping for groceries, Brian overhears two men talking about his being in a relationship. It obviously annoys him. Ted pays one of his performers, and the man is extremely upset by how little he is making. When he figures out Ted is not able to fulfill the promises he made, the guy quits.

Justin and Daphne discuss their living arrangements. Daphne is enjoying the experience of living with her new roommates. Justin is thrilled with Brian and his living arrangements…until he and Daphne arrive at the loft only to find Brian screwing a guy on the couch.

At the diner, Ted complains about his financial problems and Michael seeks advice on his speech. Emmett offers advice to the both of them but neither of them listens. Brian enters and Debbie tells him about Michael's upcoming lecture. Emmett, tired of nobody listening, leaves. Justin wanders over and Brian tries to kiss him but he only gets the cold shoulder for his trouble. Justin leaves and Michael follows him. He asks Justin what the problem is, and he tells Michael about finding Brian with another guy. Michael tells him that is just how Brian is. Justin wonders why he is even there with Brian, and Michael harshly points out that he is there because he was bashed in the head. Upset, Justin runs off.

At the gym, Emmett and Ted continue discussing Ted's financial problems. When Emmett spots Zack O'Tool, he suggests they recruit him for the website. At first Zack blows them off, but the two eventually convince him to perform.

Brian drives Michael to Carnegie Mellon University where he is to give his lecture. Once inside, Michael overhears some students making fun of the lecture's theme. He lets his self-doubt gets the better of him, and he leaves without saying a word.

Mel comes home and she and Lindsay get on the subject of porn. Lindsay makes another snide comment about how no self-respecting and intelligent person would do porn. Mel tells Lindsay to hold on while she goes and gets an old cardboard box. She explains that she paid for some of her college by posing for nude pictures in a men's magazine. She shows Lindsay, who is shocked.

Ted and Emmett eagerly await the arrival of Zack O'Tool. Ted freaks out when Zack calls and tells him that he isn't going to show up. He pushes Emmett into performing online so he doesn't have to refund everyone's money. It takes some convincing but when he finds out how much money he will be making, Emmett agrees.

Justin is drawing at the loft, when Brian begins kissing him. Justin tells him to stop, but Brian is persistent. Finally, Justin asks him why he is there. He wants to know if he had not been bashed, would he be staying there. When Brian does not answer, Justin leaves.

Ben finds Michael locking up the comic book store. He wants to reschedule the lecture but Michael blows him off. Ben apologizes for imposing and he starts to leave. Michael explains how insignificant his knowledge is but Ben assures him that he knows more than he even realizes.

As Emmett begins to perform, Ted quickly looses subscribers. However, as the show progresses, more and more people sign up. Emmett gives a spectacular show and Ted gains more subscribers than he had before. Ted is amazed at Emmett's performance.

Michael finally gives his lecture, completely nervous at first. With Ben's encouragement, he finally reveals his true self and he gives an excellent speech. He highlights the similarities between superheroes and gay men. It proves to be an excellent lecture and Ben is very impressed.

Justin shows up at Debbie's door. He asks if he can stay in his old room. Debbie hunts Brian down and she gives him a piece of her mind. Brian isn't very receptive, but it doesn't matter. She tells Brian that he does not have her fooled…he loves Justin as much as Justin loves him; he just is not brave enough to admit it. She asks him to admit it, and in his own way, he does. She demands he tell Justin, as he never could Michael.

At Babylon, Emmett and Ted hand out flyers for Ted's website. A man approaches Emmett for his autograph and he is flattered. He and Ted create Emmett's porn name, Fetch Dickson.

As Lindsay is lying in bed, she begins thumbing through Mel's magazine. The pictures of Melanie begin to excite her and Melanie catches her enjoying them. Lindsay is embarrassed. She and Mel begin making love.

Back at Babylon, Brian watches Justin who is dancing with and kissing some guy. He cuts in and he tells Justin he took him in because he was bashed. That is not why he had him stay; he wanted him to stay because he wants Justin there. The two makes some ground rules. They cannot sleep with another guy more than once, no exchanging names and numbers, both of them must be home by 3 am, and no kissing anyone else on the mouth. The two begin kissing.

Michael and Ben are at Ben's house. Ben gives Michael an autographed copy of the book he wrote and Michael is impressed. The two begin kissing and undressing, but Ben pulls away. He tells Michael that he is HIV+ and the episode ends.