Queer as Folk

Season 2 Episode 6

Mixed Blessings

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2002 on Showtime

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  • Plot Twist

    Great relationship development in Justin and Brian's bond and Michael and Ben's! That episode ending certainly was a shocker and I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen next.
  • Ted continues his idea for the website which doesn't go as well as he planned, until he gets Emmett to help. Linze is not thrilled with the idea and Mel takes the heat for it. Mike meets a teacher that wants him to speak at his school.

    So i thought this episode was funny but serious at the same time. Ted's wild idea for this porn site is just that, wild. He basically put everything on the line for this thing and expected it to be a smash hit right off the bat like that? Come on Ted you're an accountant, how smart of an idea did this really sound like? Things are not going as well as planned until Ted and Emmett run into Zack O'Tool at the gym. They pitch an offer to Zack who wasn't interested at first but then decided he'd go for it. When Ted got over five hundred hits on the site of guys wanting to see Zack's O Tool, Ted got excited, until Zack called and bailed. The hits starting going down fast until a desperate Ted makes Emmett take Zack's place. The hits skyrocketed and apparently Emmett was thought to be bigger than Zack, possibly in more ways than one. Emmett saves the day and makes Ted some money. Later on at Babylon, Emmett gets to sign his first autograph, in an interesting place. Our little Emmett the porn star, who would've guessed. Meanwhile at dinner at Deb's, the boys and Mel are taking bets on how long (or rather short) Brian and Justin's relationship would last, as well as talking about Ted's site. Linze isn't thrilled and she goes off and she and Mel leave dinner. After listening to how Linze feels about all of this Mel confesses a secret to Linze. She pulls out a magazine and shows Linze that she had posed nude in it years ago to pay for college after her father cut her off when she came out. Linze is shocked but only for a little while, because Mel walks in on Linze having some fun of her own with this magazine featuring her girlfriend, even though she "doesn't like porn." This leads to an intimate moment between the ladies. Mike meets a man named Ben in the comic store who teaches gay studies at a college. Ben wants Mike to come speak at the school about gay comics and their relations to the class. Mike blows it off at first when he hears all the college kids making fun of it, but Ben asks him to come back. Mike is nervous at first but decides to just be honest and he gets other people to loosen up in the process. Mike later accompanies Ben home and discovers that Ben has written a novel. Ben gave him an autographed copy with a note. These two start making out already and when it seems things could go a little far Ben says he thinks they should wait. When Mike asks why Ben replies that he is HIV positive. On the other hand Justin thinks his relationship with Brian is going well and that Brian doesn't really look at guys as much as he used to. Just as he's explaining this to Daphne they walk into Brian's apartment to find him having sex with the very guy Justin said Brian blew off. This sparks Deb to have a conversation with Brian and tells him she knows Brian loves Justin as much as Justin loves him. He doesn't say it, but he doesn't have to. She then says to tell Justin, tell him what he couldn't tell Mike. Justin and Brian lay down some rules to their relationship. Some of them include they can't have sex with any person twice, no phone numbers or names exchanged, Brian has to be home by three in the morning, and he can't kiss anyone else on the mouth but Justin. I have to say Justin is willing to put up with a lot of crap. How could he be ok with this and have it not hurt? It should be interesting to see where this leads to. Another great episode, the season is flowing nicely as usual. I look forward to the next episode.
  • The convenant

    Justin continues to be frustrated by Brian's overly promiscuous lifestyle, something he is subjected to 24/7 now that he's moved in with Brian. After asking Brian why he asked him to move in with him in the first place, Brian fails to come up with an answer. He moves out, but Brian quickly asks him back saying that he's doiong exactly what he wants to be doing: coming home to Justin. Awww... this is why I love this show. They are the most amazing couple ever. Anyways, they establish rules on their curfews, never have sex with the same trick twice, and no kissing on the mouth except for each other. Michael on the other hand, meets Ben Bruckner, a customer at his comic book store. They start to kiss, but the Ben warns him that he has HIV. Now it is in Michael's hands to decide to take that risk or not. Really pivotal episode, in the case of Brian and Justin's relationship, but esspecially in Michael and Ben's potential relationship.
  • Brian and Justin establish the rules of their relationship--rules which Brian never breaks. The love of Michael's life, Ben Bruchner, is introduced in this episode.

    We all know that Brian Kinney never does anything he doesn't want to and never says anything he doesn't mean. He also doesn't lead people on to believe something that isn't true. This is important to note during his conversation with Debbie about his relationship with Justin. Debbie asks Brian if he loves Justin, and Brian says nothing. Brian would never lead someone on to believe that he loves and cares for someone if he didn't, especially because he puts up this front of caring for no one but himself. But he also wouldn't readily admit that it's true. The fact that he says nothing to Debbie's question confirms that he loves Justin, because he would've ardently denied it otherwise. Now, Brian realizes that he loves Justin (thanks to Debbie!), though it will take him 3 years to admit that to anyone other than himself.

    The rules established by Brian and Justin are as follows:
    1. Never sleep with the same person twice.
    2. No names or numbers exchanged.
    3. Always come home by 3 A.M.
    4. Can't kiss anyone else on the mouth except each other.

    Brian never breaks any of these rules, with the exception of the night he spent in jail, but that's excusable.

    Brian also never kisses anyone else on the mouth except Justin (he does kiss Michael, but that's always a platonic kiss), even when Brian and Justin are separated. If that doesn't confirm Brian's love for Justin then I don't know what does!
  • Couples, couples.

    In this episde we meet Ben Bruckner, proffessor and gay intelectual. It isn't quite clear wether or not he and Michael will share an intimate relationship, though they share a common interest in gay comics. But it as clear that they share something, especially it seems as though fate has played a hand. Just as Michael buys Buzzy's Comics, a store he has been going to his whole life, Ben walks in looking for gay literary examples for his classes. Intrigue. However, we all know that no relationship chain comes without it's snags

    Just as Brian and Justin run into a little snag in their relationship chain, once again. Only this time monogomy isn't exactly their problem. It's more a reason of why, why is Justin there? Sunshine really calls Brian on their living arrangement and the elusive Mr. Kinney once again manages to have us loathing him one moment and loving him the next. He and Sunshine finally, finally end up together. Under certain rules and guide lines ofcourse.