Queer as Folk

Season 2 Episode 6

Mixed Blessings

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2002 on Showtime

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  • Couples, couples.

    In this episde we meet Ben Bruckner, proffessor and gay intelectual. It isn't quite clear wether or not he and Michael will share an intimate relationship, though they share a common interest in gay comics. But it as clear that they share something, especially it seems as though fate has played a hand. Just as Michael buys Buzzy's Comics, a store he has been going to his whole life, Ben walks in looking for gay literary examples for his classes. Intrigue. However, we all know that no relationship chain comes without it's snags

    Just as Brian and Justin run into a little snag in their relationship chain, once again. Only this time monogomy isn't exactly their problem. It's more a reason of why, why is Justin there? Sunshine really calls Brian on their living arrangement and the elusive Mr. Kinney once again manages to have us loathing him one moment and loving him the next. He and Sunshine finally, finally end up together. Under certain rules and guide lines ofcourse.