Queer as Folk

Season 5 Episode 1

Move and Leave

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 22, 2005 on Showtime

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  • Please help!

    In feel so dumb but how do you watch the episodes?? Im logged in but all I keep seeing is reviews, comments, recaps etc. Ive clicked on everything! how do you actually watch an episode!!!
  • Great Opening

    For some reason I always love the season premieres of Queer as Folk - they introduce developing conflicts nicely, leave room for character complexity, and push in new plot lines. I'm so sad that this is my last season but I'm extremely excited to see where the writers take this show in its penultimate season!
  • Brian made a decent amount of money and wants to spend it on something. The plug gets pulled on Rage. Ted gains weight. Emmett gets caught doing the dirty dirty. Mel and Linze get a surprise party where the truth comes out. Babylon gets closed.

    Brian misses Justin and makes plans to fly to L.A. to surprise him. However, when he finds out Justin has to stay longer he cancels his plans. After Ted tells him how much Kinnetic made last quarter, Brian thinks of what to buy. He had his eye on a nice motorcycle. However, Babylon gets closed down and Brian was really upset. So in the battle between the gays and the politically correct, Brian takes a stand to fight back, and buys Babylon himself. Way to go Brian! Ben and Mike get everyone together to throw Mel and Linze a surprise tenth anniversary party, not knowing what is going on with the couple. Everyone shows up and Mel calls Linze to come over with Gus, since Linze and Gus have their own apartment. Poor girls. The truth comes out and Mike is really upset, and even gets upset that Brian knew and didn't tell him. You can tell that Mel and Linze still love each other. I don't want them to split up. Conner gets signed to play Rage, who Justin sleeps with. However, Justing gets told that the plug is being pulled on the movie because of the gay issue once again. That could be good news for Brian and Justin since Brian is starting to distance himself because he thinks Justin isn't coming back. Debbie tells Carl she doesn't want to live at his place, she wants to be in her house because its a part of her, and he is fine with that. What a nice guy. They walk in on Emmett doing what he does best, and Debbie looks at Carl and says "welcome home." I thought that was hilarious! Emmett starts looking for his own place and Debbie doesn't want him to leave. I thought Carl would ask him to, but he did just the opposite and said Emmett can stay if he wants to. That was great! Mike is in the same boat and doesn't want to movie but Ben wants to. Finally Mike decides to look at a house that has been introduced to them by a gay couple with kids they've been hanging out with. Ted is eating a lot and gaining weight. When Emmett and Brian bring it to his attention, he gets hit on anyway. However, Ted later finds out that his new fling is attracted to "old men" with gray hair and bigger bellies. What a freak this kid was. I think he scared Ted a little. Hopefully he goes away fairly quickly. This was another fantastic episode as usual. I am looking forward to the next one
  • Brian makes an investment on his own personal playground.

    After Babylon closes, the gang is devestated and doesn't know where to go clubbing now. After an amazing quarter for Kinnetik, Ted suggests that Brian makes an investment on something he really wants. After listening to Ted's countless bad ideas, Brian thinks up one by himself. Babylon. Although Ted warns him that it is a bad investment, Brian goes ahead with it anyway and buys it. But it seems the crowd has moved to Poppers now, another gay club. Brian must use his advertising skills to come up with a plan fast. With every night, he loses thousands of dollars without the clientel to back it up.

    Michael decides to throw a ten year anniversary surprise party for Mel and Linds, unawear that they are split. The former couple still puts on a happy face and leads them to believe they're together. When Michael shows up to surprise them, only Mel is there, while Linds and Gus are back at her apartment. Mel calls Lindsay in a panic and tells her to come over immediately. But Lindsay thinks that it is unfair to everyone to keep leading them on, so she spills the beans. Melanie is furious by this, and Michael is even more. It looks as if there is no turning back in Mel and Linds' relationship now. But we all know they get back together in the end.
  • This is where I live. This is who I am.

    Brian: I'm queer! And to anyone who takes pity or offense, I say "judge yourself". This is where I live. This is who I am.

    After Brian buys Babylon we get a this great quote, a refermation that acceptance is the key. Pride is the lock. If one only accepts one self for who they really are there is no need, no need to worry about the acceptance of others. In time all things will come and though it should be here now that is no reason to prevent yourself from being prideful, content with yourself, and willing to take your life and actions into your own hands. Wether in be in words, or actions. Getting married and being married, recognized by the law or not. Making a statement for anyone to hear, though you are making it to yourself as well. I think this is really the embodiment of this show. Acceptance should be given, simple as that, but before and after that comes it will never be required. Accept yourself.