Queer as Folk

Season 3 Episode 6

One Ring to Rule Them All

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2003 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Michael awakes to find Ben is not in bed with him. He sneaks out and he goes looking for him. He sees Ben injecting himself again. Later, he tells Brian about it. The guys try to get into Babylon but there is a long line because security has increased since the overdoses. Brian and Michael get inside right away because Brian has a guest pass. Emmett and Ted are stuck outside waiting.

Justin and Ethan take a bath together. The phone rings and Ethan answers it. He is getting his first concert. Ethan is thrilled but Justin isn't because he cannot attend the concert. Ethan gives Justin one of two rings so they can always be together.

Chief Stockwell and his staff meet with Brian and Gardner to discuss a new ad. Brian hates it immediately, and he tells them all so. Brian comes up with a better idea for an ad-Stockwell should sell himself as an ordinary man. Stockwell doesn't like the idea and neither does his staff but he decides to give it a shot.

Emmett discusses his redecorating plans with Mel, Lindsay, and Ted. The girls suggest he should tone it down so he and Ted can fit into the neighborhood. Ted insists that Emmett should be able to do what he wants. Debbie comes over to warn Ted that Chief Stockwell is targeting businesses who pander to gay clients. Ted isn't worried because he runs a clean operation. Brian enters the diner and he compliments Justin on his ring. Debbie is angry with Brian for working on Stockwell's campaign.

Michael gives Ben some information on steroid abuse. Ben tries to deny it but Michael insists he saw him. Ben defends his actions. Michael is angry he did not discuss it with him. Ben promises he is just trying it for a time, nothing serious. He jokes with Michael, who relaxes. The two kiss.

Jim Stockwell and Brian work together to film scenes for his "ordinary man" campaign. Ted runs a check on all his employees to ensure he is running a clean operation. Everyone seems to check out. Ted also ensures that his fire alarms, rules and regulations, ramps and all the details are up to code. Ted is satisfied.

Ethan gives an interview to a reporter at the apartment. Daphne and Justin enter and he tells the reporter Justin is his cousin (and Daphne is Justin's girlfriend.) Then he asks Justin and Daphne to leave. Daphne is furious that Ethan would push Justin back into the closet after all that he went through. Justin tells her to mind her own business.

Emmett makes more redecoration plans. Jennifer drops by to tell them there have been no problems with any of the inspections of their new house. Sunny, the men's' new neighbor, drops by to welcome the new owners to the neighborhood. When she realizes that Ted and Emmett are the new owners, she invites them to a welcoming party.

Debbie, Vic, Michael, and Ben clean up Debbie's kitchen. Debbie drops her ring behind the refrigerator and Ben pulls it out to get it for her. She is thrilled. Ben excuses himself from the room. Debbie realizes Ben has gotten bigger recently. Vic asks Michael if Ben has been doing steroids and Michael admits that he has. Debbie and Vic both are concerned.

Brian previews the new Stockwell ad to Jim and his staff. The staff is furious that Brian added sex appeal to the campaign. Jim approves it but he warns Brian that he had better not make him look like a fool.

Ted comes home to find Emmett looking very different. Emmett shows Ted some entirely new redecorating plans. Emmett admits Lindsay and Mel were right; they should try harder to fit in. Emmett explains his reasoning but Ted insists that Emmett should be himself.

At the gym, Brian catches Ben buying more steroids. Ben makes excuses to Brian and he tells him to mind his own business. Brian tells him he isn't just hurting himself. Ben loses his temper and slams Brian into a locker.

Justin and Ethan talk about the future. Justin pretends hiding their relationship isn't bothering him. The two begin kissing.

Michael goes over to the loft. He bumps into Brian who flinches. Michael asks what happened. Brian turns around and there is a gash on his shoulder. Brian tells him that Ben slammed him into a locker. He tells Michael he caught Ben buying the steroid in the locker room. He goes on to tell Michael to keep Ben away from him.

Justin says goodbye to Ethan, who is leaving for his first concert. He is sad that he cannot go, but he pretends that everything is okay. Jim and his staff meet with Brian once again. The police chief is thrilled that his poll has gone up eight points because of the new ads.

Emmett and Ted head over to their welcoming party. Emmett is sure that the party will be a disaster but Ted tries to reassure him. Everyone is overwhelmingly friendly to the couple.

After the concert, everyone is happy with Ethan's performance. Glen tells Ethan that the Buffalo Symphony wants to include him in an emerging artist series. Unbeknownst to Ethan, Justin is at the party and he sees Ethan chatting and whispering into a handsome guy's ear. Ethan and his new "friend" disappear together and Justin is stunned.

Everyone continues to fawn all over Ted and Emmett. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Some police officers are there to arrest Ted for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. They arrest Ted in front of everyone. Emmett tries to smooth things over with his new neighbors who have already turned on them.

At home, Ben is busy vomiting. Michael tries to comfort him and he blames it on the steroids. Ben acts like a complete jerk and he rants and raves at Michael. Ben tells Michael that sometimes he thinks it would be easier to be with someone who is positive. Michael is hurt and he leaves.

Justin sits at Woody's having a drink. Brian sits beside him and offers to buy him another drink. He asks where Ethan is but Justin says he is playing at a concert. Brian sarcastically tells Justin that he is lucky; at least he has a ring. Brian leaves Justin to think and the episode ends.