Queer as Folk

Season 3 Episode 6

One Ring to Rule Them All

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2003 on Showtime

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  • The Right Angst

    I loved all of the angst in the couples' relationships in this episode. Not going to include any spoilers, but the drama involved was done right - some shows just throw in random hot button issues with no explanation, but Queer as Folk incorporates them tastefully and with purpose. Ben and Michael, Ted and Emmett, Justin and Brian... I love them all.
  • Michael catches Ben using steroids again. There's a new protocol for getting into Babylon now. Brian continues the Ad campaign for Mr. Stockwell. Ted gets a tip that porn sites are getting busted with the new mayor campaigns going on.

    Ethen had an interview with someone and Justin walks in with Daphne. Ethen introduces Justin as his cousin and Daphne as Justin's girlfriend, then asks them to come back later. Justin was basically dismissed like a dog. Daphne didn't like this very much and told Justin that at least when he was with Brian, Brian didn't try to hide things. Ethen goes to perform at Buffalo to replace a performer who needed surgery. Since Justin can't be there, Ethen bought them rings to symbolize that no matter where they are, they are still with each other. Ethen does well at the concert, and Justin shows up to surprise him. After Ethen doesn't notice him, Justin notices Ethen talking to another guy and leaving with him. Is Ethen cheating on him already? What's noble about that? Later Brian sees Justin at the bar and attempts in his way to make Justin feel a little better, but makes a crack about how Justin still has the ring so everything should be ok. Meanwhile, Ted and Emmett move into their new neighborhood and get to meet their flakey neighbor who invites them to their ritual cocktail party. Emmett is nervous and wants to be conservative, but Ted refuses to let Emmett be any less than himself. All the neighbors seem to like the fact that the boys are gay While this is going on Ted gets a tip that with the man running for mayor so are the new stipulations. He's trying to clean up porn sites and everything. Ted goes through all his business inside out to make sure everything is legal. However, his assistant turned out to be underage, and Ted is arrested. This doesn't impress the new neighbors too much. I knew something like that was going to happen. Poor Ted, i hope everything is ok. Maybe Carl can help him out. Ben is still using steroids and Mike catches him again. Mike confronts him and Ben's temper is getting worse. He said he was only trying a cycle. Later, Vic says something to Mike about steroids after seeing Ben move Deb's refrigerator all by himself to get the ring she dropped behind it. Brian saw Ben buying steroids and said something to him, to which Ben replied by slamming Brian against a locker and cutting his shoulder. Ben starts getting sick and it is because of the steroids. This sparks a fight between him and Mike resulting in Ben telling him that sometimes he thinks it would be easier to be with someone who was positive. I couldn't believe he said this and neither could Mike, who was in tears. Brian continues to work on the campaign for Mr. Stockwell and it is starting to look like it's paying off, though his friends aren't too happy with him about it. I wonder how it's going to turn out. This was another great installment, things are really starting to get good now. I wonder what is going to happen next.
  • Ethan leaves with another man.

    Ethan finally slips up, first by denying that Justin is his boyfriend, and passes him off as his cousin, then later at his concert in Harrisburg, he leaves with an adoring fan. Unfortunately, Justin still is in denial on how Brian never lied about their relationship, despite his many faults. It won't be until next episode that he will realize that Daphne is right about Brian, and that Ethan's love was fake all along. Meanwhile, Brian warns Ben that he's destroying his and Michael's relationship by his steroid use. Angry at Brian, Ben shoves him into a set of lockers, leaving a gouge on his back. Michael is stuck between his lover and his best friend, but ultimately tells Ben that he had better stop using, or it will become the downfall of their relationship.
  • Couples clashing

    Ben and Michael; Ben has taken a to a love of steroids. We have seen that Ben has been injecting himself with steroids and doing all kinds of questionable behavior but boy does he get way into the carried away side of things in this episode. I mean look at what lengths Mikey is willing to go to trying to stop him from hurting himself, hurting them. Good thing Ben has him around, good thing. Ben is to good for that kind of behavior.

    Ted and Emmettt, after buying a new house encounter some police trouble. After they buy their new beautiful character filled home in very non-Liberty Ave. neighborhood Ted is arrested for the employment of minor at his website. I mean he had covered all his bases, except one he didn't really know he needed to cover. An emplyee lies about his age and it is such a shame, too. You really think Ted had it all golden, safe as a whistle.

    Justin and Ethan; while "closeted" Justin suspects Ethen of infedelity. While at a concert out of The Pitts Justin spies Ethen in a...kind of suspicious looking conversation. I mean that is really all he see's, although from my end it did look kind of flirty I guess you could say. Are any of us surprised by this? No, I don't think so.
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