Queer as Folk

Season 4 Episode 7

Preponderance of Death

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 30, 2004 on Showtime

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  • Someone Stop These Feelings

    This show gets more and more emotional as the characters' fates are worsened and their struggles solidify. Every character interaction had meaning and as much as I hate to see these characters so sad, it's necessary for them to grow. Perfect show is perfect.
  • strEssful

    i dnt know how brian does dat. keepin everyone unaware of d fact he got cancer. nd trying to push everyone away. wen he tells justin he is goin to ibiza nd he yells at him 'we r not fuckkin married' dammmn. it was d first time he yelled like dat nd too at justin. i wud hav completely broken down. but then he knew he shudn hav done it and he comez shakin his head from d back nd tells him it was not him. at least dat made it a bit better. justin wudn blame himself for brian's behaviour. he so wants to tell justin but he cant. he fights himself not to tell. and d last scene he counting backward shitt dat was soo scary. not a good season for brian.
  • Hunter struggles with experiencing his first AIDS related death. Deb continues to deal with Vic's death the way she wants. Blake ends it with Ted while Emmett forgives him. Brian learns some very upsetting news.

    Brian learns that he has testicular cancer and in order for a test to be done, he must have surgery that requires removing one of his testicles, which will be replaced with a prosthetic one. If he doesn't have the surgery, the cancer will eventually spread and kill him. With all the talk of Vic and death surrounding him, Brian struggles to keep his condition a secret, and i wondered when he was going to blurt it out. However, that would be unlike Brian, who keeps it to himself. Justin starts to think Brian is mad at him because regardless of his numerous efforts to sleep with Brian, Brian turns him down. Once it seemed to be painful for Brian, but he told Justin it was because Justin's hand was cold, and that he was tired. Brian never turns down a chance to jump in bed. Brian later tells his secretary that he's going on a flight tonight to take a vacation. Justin confronts him about why he can't go with him, and Brian yells at him. Justin says he understands and takes off, and Brian smashes a lamp. I knew Brian wouldn't tell anyone about his cancer, but the end of this episode shocked me when i saw that Brian was not going on a trip away, but was actually going to have the surgery. I wonder if he will ever tell anyone, since Justin apparently won't know the difference of Brian's prosthetic testicle according to the doctor. It also bothers Brian when Linze brings Gus over, and he starts to think he might not be around to see his kid grow up and do all the things Linze is mentioning. Poor Brian, this really is sad. I did think that the Brian way would have been him not saying anything to anyone, and dying young in a blaze of glory, but apparently he wants to stick around. On the other hand Hunter is having some issues dealing with experiencing someone dying of the disease he has. He gets in a fight at school and Ben tell him if there would have been blood, they would have had to tell everyone he is positive. Mike goes off on him a couple times for the way he's acting, only Ben talks to him and helps him understand. Mike is also under a great deal of stress, dealing with Vic's death and watching his mother lose it a bit. Mike was talking to Brian later about all the death and i thought Mike would be the one that got Brian to spill the beans. He said something about always having Brian around and you could see on Brian's face how much that hurt. Rodney had given Deb some of Vic's things. Among them was a letter Vic wrote two years ago when they thought he was going to die, that had his last request to have a party, Christmas style. Deb thinks if she can make it all perfect then it will make up for the way she spoke to him before he died. They usually fought over who got to put the angel on top and Vic always won because she let him, but she did it this year. When it falls off and breaks, Deb loses it. I think this will be when the shock starts to wear off and she moves to the next phase. Things are going badly for Ted once again as well since he never has any luck, and Blake says he doesn't think they should see each other any more. Ted is upset and gets some crystal. While looking at it in his place, Emmett stops by and says he read Ted's letter. This is where Ted finds out Blake gave Emmett back the letter. Ted goes to see Blake and tells him what he did, and when he dumps the drugs out it starts snowing. This was a sad episode.
  • Brian's going to Ibiza... or so he says.

    Brian gets diagnosed for testicular, but if he gets surgery now, he will have a 99% chance of survival. In true Kinney fashion, he decides to disclose this shocking news, and instead tell everyone he's going to Ibiza, when he's really going to John Hopkins Hospital. Justin is confused by why Brian is just taking off with such short notice. But Brian doesn't want anyone to know what's going on, and pushes Justin away. I'm glad though that Justin told Brian "I love you", before he left. In case there was any doubt in whether or not to get the surgery, maybe that gave him the little extra push.
  • I wonder if Brian ever seriously considered not having the surgery. He seemed to be struggling with the decision. Perhaps Sunshine's "I love you" sealed the deal?

    With all the talk of Brian's youth and beauty, I wouldn't have been surprised if the series finale ended with Brian's death, going out in the blaze of glory. I guess it would've been appropriate if not entirely depressing. So I couldn't help but think that Brian may have been planning to go to Ibiza all along. That explains why he was pushing everyone away in this episode, to try to make it easier on himself when he goes. Brian figures if he makes the people around him love him less, it will be easier to let them all go. I maintain that Brian was still debating about whether to get the surgery up until Justin said "I love you and I'll be here when you get back." You could see it in his face. Miracle of miracles, Brian can't let go of two people in his life. Though he's attached to very few people, his hold on Justin and Michael is strong. And his love for them is what makes him decide to get the surgery in the end. It's a funny thought, but I think that Brian will outlive everyone. That'd be ironic, the man obsessed with youth and beauty dies, at the age of 94, from natural causes.
  • Brian's diagnosis

    Testicular cancer. After all of Brian's sexual antics and adventures he recieves probably some of the most terrifying news any person on the face of planet could recieve, he has cancer. And my does the boy not take it well, beginning to push everyone away, though I am sure none of us are surprised.

    Another blow, Vic's funeral causes a lot of diificulties with more then one person. Hunter is behavior is affected, being such a young man dealing with the first HIV related death he has have been around. Debbie is ofcourse a mess and Brian as usual goes far to far with his words and get's quite the lashing for it. And by the end of the episode, as he prepares to leave for treatment without which he would other wise die, we really see how hard a time he is having. You can go from really being ready to punch Brian one moment to bursting into tears at the simple sight of his pain at the next moment. You almost seem to feel how alone and frightened he seems to be, something he probably never thought he could feel.