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  • One of the greatest shows ever. From the first to the last episode I was hooked. The series finale was a little disappointing but I got over it.

    Every character in this show was incredibly well written. Michael and Ben had a perfect relationship. Brian was so hot and Justin made him more realistic. Mel and Linds were the best example of lesbians I have ever seen on TV. Ted and Emmett were perfectly casted. And last but not least is Debbie the mother everyone wanted. The best episode was the pride episode in season 2.
  • Pushing the envelope indeed!

    This show was a first for its time. Sure they
    Had Will & Grace but also this really got into
    The gay lifestyle. With an ensemble cast of newcomers at the time as well as great acting and writing.
    Where the show was set in Pittsburgh. Not for the squemish for sure but still, overlook the subject and you got great acting!
  • This was a GREAT show!! Showtime made a terrible decision canceling it. There was so much more to the story that could have been told. My only gripe is how they ended it... Brian & Justin should have been married...

    This was a GREAT show!! Showtime made a terrible decision canceling it. There was so much more to the story that could have been told. My only gripe is how they ended it... Brian & Justin should have been married... Still, this is a great show that I recommend to anyone, not just people who happen to be gay. The characters were very well written and engaging, and the acting was great as well. It was a very fun and interesting show. Showtime should either bring this show back (Preferable), or air a series of movies set after the series ended. The first thing they should do is get Brian and Justin back together and have that wedding... I really can't believe how they ended that....
  • One of my favourite shows! Seeing the characters grow closer together (and regretably further apart) was what made this series great!

    Queer as Folk is at its heart a gay drama that doesn't care if you love it or hate it. The dialogue is sometimes awkward but the emotional investment you unwittingly bury in to the characters makes you geniunely care if Ted overcomes his battle with Meth, whether Justin will really end up with Brian or if Hunter will be able to stop acting like such a brat.

    One negative point deals with the fact that most of history is glossed over. Ted was once obssesed with Michael but that is quickly brushed aside as is Ted's relationship with Emmett. Lindsay cheats on Melanie which breaks them, but they never mention that Melanie cheated previously (with another woman, which would be worse than cheating with a man since they are lesbians, correct?).

    But, all in all, Queer as Folk is a funny, engaging show with enough vulgarity and passion to make it worth watching. My favourite storyline was Emmett's stint as an internet porn star... ah, Fetch Dixon!
  • Does it get any better than Queer as Folk? No way! This is the best television show ever. It has a fantastic blend of drama and comedy mixed in one. If you haven't watched the show, you really should start.

    Queer as Folk is so awesome because of it's boldness and reality that shows through. This show has been consistantly amazing through all five of its seasons. I think that all of the characters are great and add up to make such a fantastic show. And the chemistry that's between Brian and Justin, (by far the two best characters on the show) is incredible. As a straight female, I love this amazing insight that I get to their world. I don't think that there are any episodes that I don't like. In fact there are parts that actually give me goosebumps because that's how good it is. The best part of the show is definetly the couple, Brian and Justin. The fact that Brian will never admit his love for Justin until the end of the series, but everyone else can read through him, and know that he loves Justin just as much as Justin loves him. If you think the sex scenes are hard to get through, deal with it and get past it, because under that, there is a truly amazing and astounding show.
  • The life and times of a group of people in Pittsburgh's gay community.

    The series is an adaptation of a drama originally produced on the BBC.

    This time it is set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A group of friends battle the challenges of the everyday world and live it up on the social scene. For solace there's always the diner where their confidant, Michael's mother Debbie, serves up food and advice.

    Together the people deal with the ups and downs of sex, relationships, parties, drugs, health, family and working for a living. It's a brave series in that it lets its characters be who they are, whether loving and friendly or cynical and deceptive. The acting is strong, especially Hal Sparks as Michael, Sharon Gless as Debbie, Peter Paige as Emmett and Scott Lowell as Ted.

    After five years, QAF has ended its run. It has earned its reputation as a provocative show that makes an impact every time.
  • I am from china, shanghai , I love this show. Love Brian. why did they end it? wish Brian and Justin would be together forever.

    I am from china, shanghai , I love this show. Love Brian.why did they end it? wish Brian and Justin would be together forever.

    I am from china, shanghai , I love this show. Love Brian.why did they end it? wish Brian and Justin would be together forever.

    I am from china, shanghai , I love this show. Love Brian.why did they end it? wish Brian and Justin would be together forever.

    I am from china, shanghai , I love this show. Love Brian.why did they end it? wish Brian and Justin would be together forever.

    I am from china, shanghai , I love this show. Love Brian.why did they end it? wish Brian and Justin would be together forever.
  • This show is amazing! I wish it could have been continued on for a couple more years. Randy Harrison is amazing in this show and he is my idol!

    This show was amazing I was very saddened at the fact that there was only 5 seasons of it! They really need to keep it going for another couple of years! Anyone young or old heterosexual or homosexual everyone should see at least one episode of this show... Sure some watch it for just the sex but others (like me) see the amazing plot behind it. The creators of this show did a great job on keeping me intrested! Every time a season came out I would buy it and sit and keep watching episode after episode after episode. I dont think anyone will ever forget this show after they see it and I know i certainly will keep watching it for years to come!

    P.S. Randy Harrison is my idol! And hes hott!!
  • One of my favorit shows

    I actually never watched the TV show on showtime. I actually ran into the DVD\'s at blockbuster and thought I might as well try it. Turned out to be my favorite show. It was nice seeing different aspects of homosexual life. Each character on this TV show reminds me of someone I know, which to me makes the show even more realistic in it\'s own right. The first season in my opinion was the best but the rest following it were good as well even if there was slight degrigation of the seasons quality. It was overall one of the best comedies for a drama I have ever seen including most comedies. The sex scenes were always fun to watch, some of my strait friends had trouble watching it, but only the guys.
  • I don't this show goes die! I want keep this show running up! :)

    I don't want this show goes dies! I want keep this show running up! I already in love with this shows! This show will be my favorite ever! A number one soap show ever! I love it. I will always keep watch this show ! I wish we make a HUGE movie about this show! it should make a 24 hours ( like as part 1 to 12) as chapter about Rage and what going on. I really want this show to be into movie. VOTE YES for make a movie of Queer as Folk! whoo yee!
  • Read Inside!!!

    Oh my god! This show was the greatest thing to ever grace the circuts of Showtime, let alone all cable TV. I have been a hugh fan of this show since January of 2001. I have always loved watching it, even skipping school just to see reruns. Oh my god, Micheal makes me qwivver everytime he speaks. His elegant words makes me pulsate with the heat of a thousand suns. I often fid myslf climaxing just watching the show, its so good.
  • Amazing show, great writing

    Queer as Folk was one of my favorite shows throughout the five seasons it was on. I looked forward to it every Sunday, and still watch it almost every night in reruns.

    The writing on this show was amazing. A great show displays the love the writers have for the characters. I knew Brian, Michael, Justin, Ben - everyone on the show. They came to life and were always true to themselves - I never had the thought that something was just a plot device. Well, I did once with Ted's drug use, but rewatching those episodes I understood it more.

    I know many people who have avoided the show because the topic of homosexuality makes them uncomfortable. I think that's a shame, because this show was excellent, week in, week out, season after season. This show isn't about gay men, it's about a group of friends and their lives, who happen to be gay.

    I cried at the series finale, and that doesn't happen often for me. Give this one a shot, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • I just can't help it. I watch each episode over and over again. I watched seasons 1-4 twice in less than a week. I'll be honest this show is off the chart but I can only give it a 10.

    I was watching the first season DVD and wouldn't stop watching it. I was just sitting there it was 5am and I practically fell over watching it. I started and I was hocked on. I think it is safe to say that the only reason I watched it was for all of the gay sex. I only wanted to watch Gale and Randy or Brian and Justin going at it. So you could call me crazy for loving the show but I just won\'t stop watching!!! The rating I have to give the show is a 10.
  • Great!!!!!! Ótimo seriado, muito interessante, e não apenas para homossexuais, mas principalmente para pessoas, que como eu não fazem parte desse mundo porque somos héretos. A relação entre os personagens nos mostra como é complicada a realidade qu

    ... da humanidade. É triste ver como as pessoas não respeitam o direito, ou se preferir, o livre árbitrio de cada um.
    A opção sexual do indivíduo não influencia seu caracter.
    Sou hétero, mas tenho vários amigos homossexuais, e a escolha sexual nossa não influencia nosso relacionamento, pena que isso não sirva para todos. Primeiro era o preconceito racial, agora sobre a sexualidade. O homem só inventa desculpas para não aceitar o que é diferente. Isso é pura hipocrisia, e foi o que este seriado quis mostrar a todos com um roteiro impecável, e interpretações maravilhosas
  • what do you get when you put the loyalty of "friends", the boldness of "sex in the city", and the relationship drama of a soap opera - in a mixing pot? well, if you add a little "twist" you get the ground breaking ensemble piece that is "queer as folk"

    Michael and Brian are best mates. Brian is a twenty-something who refuses to let life slow him down. Michael is a loyal, committed friend to Brian, and secretly in love with him. Then there is Emmett - more out there then an x file; Ted - yep, he's an accountant; Justin - lookin' for love with Brian and finding nothing but heartache; Melanie and Lindsay - the perfect couple who could teach the boys a thing or two about relationships; and last, but never least; Debbie - her one liners make me laugh out loud, at the TV, in an empty room. Yep, at times you look around to see who else is watching, other times you get flustered at the action, but generally, you just seek out a fellow addictee and gossip, gossip, gossip.
  • Loved It, Loved It, Loved It and Loved It

    At first I didn’t really care about the show, but after getting a membership with netflix.com, I decided what the heck and put it in my queue, after the first show I was hooked. I have never really got so into a show that I felt like I knew every single character personally, like we had been friends for years. This show really pulls you in, it brings up many issues that most people probably don’t even know exist. The love, the struggle, the friendships, the ups, the downs, its all in there. I just recently bought season 1 and 2 on DVD.
  • I love it!

    This is a show you can easily fall in love with! The characters are brilliant in their own, and the plot lines always keep you guessing. I just can't believe they ended the show! I love it gives new perspective on relationships unknown to most people. This is a show that will inspire generations to come I do believe.
  • One of the best shows that was on television was sucha a sad thing when the actors did not want to do it any more and it end after only five season. It is a show that I really miss.

    One of the best shows that I saw in a long time really look forward to Sunday nights. I will really miss this show and do. I thank fanfiction so that at least I can keep the boys of this show in my heart and at least find out what other people think that they should be doning
  • A phenomenal show - a shame its now over!

    Queer as Folk is absolutely one of my fave all time shows! Some of my friends think I may be just a little too addicted to it … the ultimate guilty pleasure. The characters, the script, the acting and of course the incredibly gorgeous people all make this show perfect. The fact that it is now over is incredibly disheartening … luckily I’ve bought the dvds. The show gives a look into a world or subculture of our society which often times we are not really sure is all about. It demystifies what being gay is all about and allows people to see that despite the differences that may exist at the end of the day gay, straight we’re all a little messed up. That despite sexual orientation the friendships we forge along the way and the people we fall in love with all shape our lives and in part determine our future.
  • The Best of The Best !

    I love that show! It's freakin' awesome. I know a lot of gay men (like some of my friends) were telling me: "It's not a good show, we're not like that, it don't portait a good life for gays." Hello ppl, it's a gang of friends, who happen to be gay. Look at My Wife and Kids, they're black, that doesn't mean that ALL Black families are like that. I'm just saying that it was a great show with terrific storylines. Sad it ended. No show will ever be the same...
  • Inspiring, intriguing, interesting, and influential. That is Queer as Folk.

    Queer as Folk is a show for everyone. It is daring, yet comforting, new, but a classic. Even though the series has ended, the show's influence will be around for many years to come.

    Although Queer as Folk may appear to be a show geared towards a narrow, specific audience, it can influence a much wider audience, if they give it the chance. It teaches tolerance, loyalty, honesty, and, above all, friendship.

    At a first glance of Queer as Folk, a viewer may automatically assume that the show is all about sex. While that may be an interesting part of it to some people, anyone who takes the time to watch an episode or two will realise there is much more. As Queer as Folk's Emmett, Peter Paige, once said, "They came for the queer, but they stayed for the folk." If the show was all about sex, it wouldn't have gained the popularity it now has.

    Queer as Folk is a show that will continue to inspire teenagers and adults for years to come. Everyone can relate to one of the characters in one way or another, and every episode gives a lesson to be learned.
  • Queer As Folk follows the lives of a group of gays living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    This show is groundbreaking. I watch it and think, oh my god, this is what gay life truly is for some people. It's the side of life that people are absolutely afraid to watch -- but now it's finally out there and, to be honest, I watch it not only for the drama or for the great cast -- but Justin is so cute!
  • This show was amazing from start to finish...

    Queer as Folk is an amazing show, not only because it was one of the first shows to actually portray gays and lesbians as more than asexual stereotypes, but also because it had depth, in the early seasons you really felt as though you got to know the characters.

    In its last two seasons though, there was a focal shift in the shows main ideas. It became more focused on fighting for the rights of gays and lesbians rather than deepening the character relationships. This wasn't a wholly bad thing, because it became the focus based on the political strife that gays and lesbians faced in America during the last few years.

    It took all the best and worst aspects of gay culture and put it all together to make one incredible show. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend checking it out.
  • It really is the end..NOOOOOOO!!

    Hey people.. it really is the end of the best gay series ever.. I'm a lesbian but i prefer to watch Queer As Folk over The L Word.. All the hot guys having sex totally turns me on.. I love Brian and his arrogance.. Justin, or better yet, Sunshine, the way he's determined to be with Brian.. I feel so empty now that the I just saw the end of the series... The last episode... It's like, what am I gonna do now?.. what am i gonna watch now? But after everything I must say that I had a WONDERFUL time watching Queer As Folk!! Thank You Queer As Folk cast!! You're the BEST!!
  • episode 513 final of queer as folk

    What an end!!!

    But is it really the end? I don't think so. For me it is the begining.
    We saw a small but very important part of those characters' life. The best has yet to come : their real life, their small hapiness and sorrow.

    I am ok with the way Michel, Ted and Emmet are seen at the end.

    And for Justin and Brian... Well I'm not surprised. They gave us enougth clues in 512. But for me, they didn't break up. Justin is hardly 23. He is too young to settle down. He hasn't accomplished anything yet. My guess is they will be a long distance couple for some times. Justin doing is best in NY. Brian being Brian in Pitts, even if Brian has evolved in a new, more mature person.
    Maybe Justin will come back in Pitts when he can (when he is well known enough in the art scene)or Brian will go in NY when Kinnetik is big enough to make it. After all, NY has always been is dream.

    Anyway, I don't see it has an ending but as a begining. It's just kind of sad we cannot see them follow the road of their life.
    But that way, we can, each and everyone of us, use our imagination to make them live.

    It's been a great time folks. I'll miss you all but I guess it's time for you to live without us, voyeurs.

    Bye Queers!!!!
  • The best show on television in years!

    The best show on television in years! There's nothing going to be better than this one here. A must see. If you love The L Word, you'll love Queer As Folk! Coming to the end of the last and final season, it's going out with a bang! Hey at least there is the dvd's! Right?
  • Hi Guys! This series: hyperfantastic :)

    Akár hogy is van, ez egy nagyszerû sorozat. Nem törekednek az igazi, kemény szexjelenetek bemutatására, hanem csak érzékeltetik, egészen csodálatos mûvészi bemutatásban, hogy milyen is a szeretkezés két srác közt. Minden elismerés az alkotóknak. Csak az élet is ilyen lenne, legalább is a valóságban is ilyen szépen menne minden dolog.
  • There's Nothing As Strange As People

    This is really it, at the height of this show's popularity, years still of untapped resources and possibilities, ST is ending it.
    This episode furthers the humanization of Brian and Gale Harold is making it obvious he's enjoying the freedom of finally being allowed some expression. He can smile! He can laugh! He can feel! He is not the unfeeling, running on hormones guy we've come to love; he's a fallible, caring, sensitive guy running on hormones and we love him still!
    Emmet continues to be all aglitter and the definition of gay, the bon vivant, the life of the party even when there's no party. Strikingly handsome and lithsome, it's no surprise to know he made his early career as a dancer (and continues his love affair with it). As his relationship develops with the football player, we hope it's "the one". That is, if he doesn't go back with Ted. Dear, puppy-dog Ted. Now an ex-substance abuser, finally recovering his prosperous life, he's assuming the lesser than admirable chacteristics that Brian had right up to this season. Poetic, since Ted has idolized Brian's lifestyle (and Brian) from his tragically underdog status all along.
    Justin, annoying as ever with his immature expectations to change the legend that is Brian and when he gets what he wants (Brian's emotion, committment), he refuses. Brian exposes his heart even more, opens his wallet big time and Justin says, "OK" (no, I'm serious). The crescendo builds and the climax of every episode of every season is that Brian and the little gnat buzzing around him all this time, are getting "married", have the big house in the country and heading in overdrive to a state called perpetual bliss.
    Michael recovers, that 'too homely to be for real' kid returns (why, why, why?), Ben loses his temper and regains it...Mom and Carl are, well, the old folks and there's just two more showings.
    I guess it's time for winter to finally end in Gayopolis. I really was getting frustrated with them filming in nasty weather each season. I'd have loved to enjoy them in summer clothes, enjoying summer fun, but alas, that won't be happening now.
    This is like sitting at the deathbed of a dear friend and soon, the end will be here. As angry as I am with ST for quitting while HOT, I'll be there, faithfully for the end of the show - as the show has faithfully been there for me - with gentle insight, hard hitting reality, a rainbow of characters and an education I could never get anywhere else.
    QAF has taken away the fear that comes with ignorance and the prejudice that comes with not understanding. Few shows actually make a difference. This one has.
  • This show is about the lives of Gay Men and Women in the real world. How they deal with the fact that they are gay and how to be out when to be out and when to not be out.

    This show is hot. LOL I love this show. My favorite charactor is Brian Kenney. He plays this guy who dosent care about anyone but him self, But deep down he cares about all his friends. And Gus is so adorable..When ever it shows him. I love the way Brian cares about Justin but dosent show it like everyone else on the show shows their love for one another. Brian reminds me of myself..A girl version of myself..Becuase there are certin people who I love and hate, The ones I love I wont show it for anything in the world but deep down I feel the love..LoL seriously this show is alsome. I never miss this show I have never missed a single eposode yet. If you see my words messed up its becuase I am going back and correcting all the negative stuff my little cousin put. And I have alot to correct. Dont worry anyone my cousin will never be on this computer again on thi swebsite. So sorry about all the negative stuff that was said. Shes the one who put it. An I totally disagree with everything she put
  • There are alot of things in the world that I don\'t understand. The major thing is, why get rid of a show that is so awsome! I encourage you to watch the 4th and 5th season. These two seasons realy bring out the problems in Gay and Lesbian lives.

    There are alot of things in the world that I don\'t understand. The major thing is . . . why get rid of a show that is so awsome! I first learned about QAF on my trip to New Orleans last year. I was walking down Burbon St. and I saw a large crowd at a local gay club. My friends and I walked past the club and the credits were coming on. I left after it said the title. I saw everyones amazement and I knew I had to see this show. I started from the begining and am now to the last of the 4th season. I havent put it down. If you were gay, I know that you would automaticaly like the show. If your not, I encourage you to watch the 4th and 5th season. These two seasons realy bring out the problems in Gay and Lesbian lives.
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