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  • Bingeworthy

    This show is worth spending a weekend on the couch for. From the first episode I was invested. When it was over I didn't want to let go. There has to be more. Reunion please!
  • Best show

    Anyone should be able to love whoever they want. I could watch Gale Harold forever
  • Queer as Folk

    I just recently finished watching Queer as Folk! Never seen it before. But really amazing!!! :) I loved it! But I wished that Brain and Justin could of been together! It was sad that Justin left to New York and Brain left alone. But Justin did his thing and got into his career finally! I REALLY WANT FOR THE QUEER AS FOLK TO DO A COMEBACK AND PICK UP WHERE THEY LEFT OFF. It would be fabulous!
  • i miss this

    this show was amazing the ending was so adgkufhdfjdguh..

    i wish they could bring it back or do a similar show :((
  • I could look at Gale Harold FOREVER

    Just started watching by chance and I'm so happy I did. It's hilarious sometimes, sad other times and a lesson in accpetance, understanding, compassion and love many times. It would be so nice if Showtime and the cast were up for a reunion.
  • I finally understand why I'm so pissed off about getting cancer!

    When I watched the episodes about Brian and his dealings with cancer, I finally understood why I was such a bitch throughout my breast cancer treatment. I am a capable, independent independent woman and it pissed me off to think that I was was expected to rely on others during my treatment. Three months after my treatment ended, I saw how Brian was dealing with his cancer treatment and it all clicked! I was trying to do this all in my own. I have been feeling great every since I saw the episodes. It changed my life!
  • Adaptation Done Right

    This is one of the few shows were the American adaptation met or, in this case, truly surpassed the original series. It was heartfelt without being overly sentimental; it was accurate without being cruel. I mean, don't get me wrong, Charlie Hunnam makes an adorable little twink, but the Americans (and Canadians) really got it right with this one.

    make a movie or another show just as cool!!!! This sucks!
  • Many people ask me how I discovered the series,

    It all started my Friend was looking for a story at the app Wattpad, searching tags the word love, and than she found a story about a 17 year old boy who goes to a club and meet someone is bigger than him a few years and his name was Ross, Ross did not believe in love, but the boy Jasper fell in love with Ross, and that how it goes

    In short, at the end of the story the writer said that her inspiration was from the series,

    Then my friend and I thought to see the series, and another friend of my said that we have to see queer as folk, that this is a great show

    And that's how I discovered the series ..

  • Reunion Episode please!!

    They should do a ten year anniversary reunion episode in 2015 (movie-length :D). I reckon that'd be so epic. Like, all the characters ten years later. See where their lives led them. I wanna see Gus and JR grown up (sort of...15 and 11 anyway). If Brian and Justin kept up a long distance relationship. If Ted and Blake stayed together. If Emmy found love. If Debbie and Carl are still together. If Mel and Linds ever came back to Pittsburgh. If Ben and Michael are still adorabubble. If Hunter is still in Pittsburgh.

    So many questions. So little answers. Maybe if there was special reunion episode? Hmm, producers? Wink wink nudge nudge...

    Pretty please with a cherry on top?
  • True To Life

    Being a gay male and living in a larger city area it was like watching a mirror reflection of myself. Especially in Justin's character, I caught myself saying, "Oh my God! That was ME!" The vampirish nightlife was very true to form. The casual sex. It is very realistic and it was quite an eye opener when it debuted even for somebody that was well seasoned in the lifestyle!

    The first season was the best as far as the catty humor and fun of it all. If you were gay you laughed a lot because you knew people EXACTLY like the main characters. As each season progressed it got more and more serious and lost the humor aspect and I quit watching about the middle of the third season because it got down right depressing. It was a very experimental project as far as pushing the envelope on gay life when it was NOT socially acceptable at the time! Nobody had really probed into the serious depths of gay life and to see it on TV was actually quite shocking, "OMG! I can't believe they just showed that!" - or said that - or did that. It was very hip and up to the moment on style, music, slang lingo - everything.

    The cinematography was new in the zooming methods they used that punctuated everything. I still go back and watch the first season and just smile. I can remember just howling at that party when Emmett dressed in drag as Jackie Kennedy. That whole scene was worth watching the series. Hilareous! The first season I would say it was a 10, but the following seasons brought it down to about an 8.
  • Wow Its amazing

    I love this show and i just found it not even 3 weeks ago. It Stinks that its over. They should do a huge comeback this year haha :) Your never too young right?
  • Copy a little bit, but nice.

    Two men are standing on the roof of a hospital. Brian and Michael are in their late twenties, gay and best friends. In the past three hours before this rooftop scene, Brian has had sex in a gay nightclub, hook up with a 17-year old boy (whom he will deflower approximately one hour later) and has become a father. Michael, on the other hand, was about to have a one-night stand and realized but once again that he actually is secretly in love with Brian.

    With drugs inside, Brian goes on a trip, climbs the edge of the roof, pulls Michael to him and whispers in his ear: "Come on, Mickey, let's fly!" In the background, Heather Small sings "I step out of the ordinary…" It is a mild summer night in the middle of a sparkling city and there is magic in the air.

    The first episode of Queer as folk" was probably the sexiest, craziest, sweetest and best TV show premiere I've ever seen (well, apart maybe from "Desperate Housewives"). It really impressed me and woke my interest. But it was this magical moment Michael and Brian share on the roof that made me fall in love with this show. You can almost smell the night air, feel the warm summer wind breeze and know: it's one of those crazy, unusual moments that make us feel alive. The music, the atmosphere, the scenery – it's all perfect and goes straight under your skin into your heart and soul. The scene gives a promise to the viewer that in the future we will witness unusual, as well as profound and ordinary things, but most of all it is a promise that there will be more magical moments like this one and breathtaking surprises like the ones that happened previously and followed right after. And what better promise can a first episode give – and keep? We witness the lives of four gay friends, a newbie, a gay man's mother and a lesbian couple plus their friends, lovers, relatives and one-night-stands in Pittsburgh. Brian, the main character, is a selfish - and Casanova on the one hand and a vulnerable, caring, sweet young man on the other. Michael, whose relationship to Brian I have already described a bit, on the one hand loves his proud mother, on the other tries everything to pretend that he's straight at the supermarket he works in. Emmett, a sweetheart of a queen, always delivers flamboyant one-liners and looks for the man of his dreams. So does Ted, suffering from his not-classically-attractive looks, but having a heart of gold. Young Justin is about to discover the scene and has the (bad) luck to choose Brian as his first love(r). And then there are Lindsay and Melanie, just your average lesbian couple, who has just become mother and … mother with the little help of … Brian.

    After having seen three more episodes I am completely addicted to this show. I could enumerate at least 1000 reasons why it went so quickly with me and scenes like the one above which pulled me inside this queer world. But I won't. Because everybody has their own reasons to love (or hate) this show and the right to discover it for themselves. But I would like to mention "QAF" 's greatest strength and maybe THE reason why this is a brilliant series. Today's TV shows have so many clichés, try to judge, to label. You will find none of this in Queer as folk". It just witnesses the lives of people without commenting on it, judging or trying to justify what they do. If they want to shag, they shag, if they want to take drugs, they do so without asking anyone's permission, if they want to party, they party and they make just as many and stupid mistakes as everyone does. Sometimes they screw up and there are times they don't know if they want to scream of joy or suffering. They just live and the show celebrates them for it. And what better message can it have? I know that the show was already a huge success in the US, I am glad that it finally reached Europe (or at least Germany) and I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to see it. Great performances by a brilliant cast and a plot that simply knocks you off – for me one of the best TV shows that has ever been done.
  • loved the program but still more that could be uncovered


    i've just finished watching all 5 seasons ofqueer as folk.I absoloutely loved it.Imust say though i have been hoping for justin and brian to in the end be happy together and was quite dissapointed with how it didn't work out.I believe that they have built those 2 up so close together and showed how justin has made brian experience things that he has never experienced before until justin came along. Including even love it showed thier relationship build so strong together through the program and i was sure they would end up happy together in the end and when they didn't i was quite shocked and i have to admit quite dissapointed and i think they let a lot of fans down by doing that. They gave them such a chemistry and made it one of the big attractions of the program to end it like that was quite well to be honest upsetting.

    Imust say it might sound quite cheesy and i don't usually get deeply into programs. But i felt i had quite a connection with this program. I'm a gay person who hasn't really told many people and this program showed me to do what you want and to be who you want and to be happy no matter what any one else thinks be proud of yourself even if no one else is.I also love how this program dealt with not just the drinking clubbing and partying life of gay people but also dealt with the problems homosexuals have to deal with. Thingsfrom gang bashings to coming out to even political unfairnes due to thier sexuallity. It's not as bad these days which is good but it's still thier and i just love the fact that they showed it i also loved all the relationships between the characters the friendships the dating. The actors were so good it looked natural i could've believed they were all really gay.I think the program was smartly thought out and is very addictive i've already downloaded all the seasons and would like to watch them again.

    I must say though i know it has been six years but i would like to see a sixth season come out with all the same characters in it. Thier appearances haven't really changed much at all and i think thier are still a few things i would like to see sorted out.I think it would be good for it to begin brian sitting in his loft holding the box with his and justins wedding rings that he did not return and i would like to see justin come back and for them to finally get together.I would also like to see it show michael and bens battle for custody of hunter go to court and them sort that out and lynsey and melanies challenges with being in canada and copingwith a new house and trying to keep in contact with the others. it would be quite good to see smmit and the footballertry and sortthier relationship to and i would love to see debbie get married to karlit's just my personal opinion but i think it would be really good to see them do one final season even if it only has like 8 episodes just to see everything truly get sorted because i don't believe not everything got fully covered because i really loved the program i had laughs and tears from events from it but the ending really dissapointed me and let me down.

  • Brilliant. Bold. Beautiful.

    Queer as Folk exploded on to the screen in 2000, and television has never been the same since. No other show can compare to its revolutionary topics nor be shown in such a blunt, realistic way. The show invites us into the lives of five gay men: Brian, Justin, Michael, Emmett and Ted, as well as lesbian couple, Melanie and Lindsay. Its witty writing and graphic portrayal of gay life, shows each of the characters as fully developed, sexualized human beings. The writers broke the mold developing main character, Brian Kinney. He is a 31 year old unapologetic, advertising executive with an over-the-top sexual appetite. He will go to great lengths to hide how much he cares about those around him, as it would throw off his selfish, careless reputation. He becomes in a nonconventional relationship with 17 year old Justin, an aspiring artist, just emerging from the closet. Watching for the first time in 7th grade (not recommended for that young of an audience!), I became immediately addicted to the show and have been ever since. Being a heterosexual woman, Queer as Folk is able to appeal to many different viewers. It is an amazingly honest series that expresses life as a celebration. It was able to change my perspective on life and love as well as influence me a great deal as a person. I highly recommend the show to anyone, gay or straight.
  • My all time favorite show. A wonderful show about group of gay and lesbian friends living in Pittsburgh. QAF is addictive, groundbreaking, edgy and addictive. The characters and actors are amazing, the story-lines tackle all kinds of issues.

    Queer As Folk is an important t.v. show. It was/is groundbreaking, being the first mainstream t.v. show to solely be about gay men and lesbians as main characters. The brutal honesty, the intimate and intense relationships between characters, the hard issues - hate crimes, HIV/AIDS, gay rights, politics, love, loss, you name it. If you think it's like the L Word. It's not. The L Word is like a soap opera. Queer as Folk has drama, but it's believable drama that's part of story lines. We follow Justin, a young gay man at a conservative high school coming out at age 17, michael who is a closeted 30 year old working at a large chain store struggling to balance his private life, emmett who is the stereotype of a flaming gay guy who you love, brian is a cool, confident player, if he was straight he'd be every guy's hero, his motto is "no regrets, no apologies", ted, the accountant who's slightly older and struggles with self-esteem issues, melanie a jewish lesbian lawyer and her partner lindsay a christian lesbian who works at an art gallery and their struggles with having children and raising them. Michael's AMAZING mother Debbie, who is "the mother of every gay boys dreams" as Brian puts it. She's proud and overly involved in her son's life but in a hysterical and sweet way. It's completely relevant and addictive and wonderful. It helped saved my life in high school.
  • This is the best show I have ever seen. I am just sad that it only lasted 5 seasons.

    I started watching this show because I had seen a documentary about the show on Vh1. I never watched it on Showtime because at the time I didn't even have Showtime, but I rented all five seasons. It is a very addicting show right from the get go. It moves fast, and is only an hour long at the most. If you want to watch something that will make you laugh and cry at the same time, this is the best show to watch. Never mind that the characters are gay the stories are universal and can relate to anyone.
  • Queer as Folk is one of the best shows to air in a long time. It is based on a miniseries of the same name, which aired in Great Britain.

    Queer as Folk is an original and groundbreaking series which follows the lives of five gay men and their two lesbian friends living in Pittsburg. Throughout the show, we are able to share in their loves, losses, joys, sorrows, and triumphs. In short, it depicts these characters in a down-to-earth and realistic light while showing the characters are nothing more than human. The writers also dealt with important issues such as AIDS, homophobia, cancer, and death. Unfortunately, the show did not last as long as most of us would have liked. It aired five seasons on Showtime and reruns can be currently seen on LOGO.
  • Bold, provocative, daring, original, brave.

    Tv never looked so good. I never thought I'd love a show this much. The fact is it is bold, daring, provocative, original and brave but more important it's a great story with great characters. Love, relationships, drama without being soap opera-esque. Great actors, unqiue choices and orioginal writing. I'll say it again tv never looked so good. This show is beyond words and any review I or any other can give it. Though I will say that it is one of my favorties. It has introduced me to some wonderful actors and added another reason to love Hal Sparks.

    There are no words to describe how much I love this show but I will say this. We need more shows like this.
  • The G World :):)

    Queer as Folk is an innovative, provocative, and groundbreaking series that has now ended after a five year run, the series chronicled the friendships, careers, loves, trials, tribulations, and ambitions of a diverse group of gay men and lesbians living in Pittsburgh, PA. Blending strong drama with necessary charm and humor, it rivals any other show presented on television. Over the shows run it has managed to cover a wide range of issues including Aids, cancer, drug addictions and the trials of love.
    This show its about queer guys livin in the city relationated with society, discimination and we see the world from the perspectve of the gay world excelent 9/10
  • Didn't end how I wanted it to... and I want them to bring it back and end it properly. It was the best thing in the world, and they shouldn't have cut it off... It was the greatest. I want it back and I want them to end it right.

    This show had everything. The only problem that I had was that it didn't end the way I believed it should have. For Justin to wait five years and not get it all in the end was like a waste of talent and a waste of a show. While I say most of this in anger, I'll calm down to say it was the most brilliant piece of work that I've ever watched. Not only does it give hot man-on-man action, but it shows beautiful man-on-man love. It was just a shame that it died the way that it did.
  • Queer as Folk basically depicts the life of homosexuals living in an urban environment. You get to watch the most intimate, private details of both their personal struggles and their night life socialization and sexual encounters.

    I find the show to be very authentic for the most part,but somewhat unrealistic as they all become so financially successful.$$$$I personally grew up in the 70's but lived an openly gay life-style throughout the 80's. I am a woman, but my closest friends were all men. I say were as I lost many of them to AIDS. I have always lived in NYC and my closest friend was a dancer at the Anvil. He might have had drugs available and plenty of sex...but he struggled paying the rent. Anyway, I do relate to Queer as Folks so much and was hooked the very first time another lesbian friend hipped me to the series. My daughter was about seven years old and I didn't want her to watch the very explicit action so we actually hung up a curtain over the door of my friend's TV room while we kept my daughter busy playing on-line or by watching her favorite Dawson Creek's episodes. It was unfair to my daughter, but i was in awe from the first episode and it was at my friends house that I was able to distract my child so I could watch the entire series. Now I can't wait til she is of age to watch the series with me. I saw the "American" version and hope to see the British rendition as well. Anyone homophobic should avoid the show. Anyone else should check it out. If your gay and in the closet, definately rent the series and see what city life can hold for you. The night-life is very real and still going strong...wear a condom.
  • The Best Show even , no one can get rid of it!! yea!!

    I love the show so much, I'm so scared to watch the Season 5 coz I dont believe it's the last SEason.
    Everybody may ask the ShowTime to launch a new Season.
    It's on demand!!!!!
    When I recieved the reply from ShowTime----

    "Thanks for your interest in the hit Showtime series Queer as Folk." Your comments and questions have been forwarded to our Programming Department.

    As you may know, after five incredibly successful seasons, the producers of Queer as Folk" decided that the show had reached a place where it should be brought to a close. Past episodes of Queer as Folk" may periodically run on Showtime Networks. Check out the daily schedule at http://www.sho.com/site/homepage/index.do for general scheduling information.

    Thanks for watching,
    Showtime Customer Service"

    and I said it's crap....
    who care about what the producers' think??
    We customers are incharge!!!
    They should care about how we audiences feel!!
  • American version of Uk original, exploring the lives of a group of gay men and women living in Pittsburgh.

    QAF was started as a rewrite of the UK version, but set in and made for a US audience. The start of the first season will be familiar to viewers of the original, but after a little while the writers get comfortable creating their own story arcs and developing the characters in different ways.
    The show deals with the lives of five gay men and their relationships with each other. Although they do have other relationships, this is not the focus of the show. Brian, one of the central characters, also has a child with a lesbian couple which expands the scope for storytelling.
    The show does not try to be an issues based show, and does not try to present gay men in a good or bad light. It just presents them as they are, with flaws, but also with admirable traits. It plays as a drama, with comedic parts, but by way of being a marginalised drama, serious issues are raised. These are dealt with well for the most part, reflecting an accurate portrayal of current society. It presents the gay point of view as well as the more conservative (although this is not always in the strongest voice) and justice does not always prevail.
    All in all it is a great show, pushing boundaries on what can be portrayed as drama on television and what can be a normal and healthy relationship. I am a little disappointed as to how they chicken out of some of the tougher issues, for example making the younges character 17, rather than 15. I do understand that it is made for an american audience, where these boundaries are not so commonly broken on televison, so it is a step in the right direction.
  • "And so the thumpa-thumpa continues. It always will. No matter who's president. As our lady of disco, the divine Miss Gloria Gayner once put it- WE WILL SURVIVE!!" A PERFECT message to sum up this show, homosexual or not. We will survive! Love it!!

    I loved everything Queer as Folk stood for. It was taboo, unapologetic, vulgar, sweet, inappropriate. I think if anyone can watch this show and accept it with an open mind, the world would be a better place!!! Brian refelected a lot of what the show stood for as well. At first I hated his character- but grew to love him. Although at times he could be cruel and selfish, I learned that he always did mean well; just trying to be real, never sugar-coating life. And he never cared about what other people thought, he just did what he wanted.
    And you can't help but resepct him more for that because isn't that how everyone would like to go through life? I absolutely loved the Brian/Justin love story too. I think I started to like Brian more when he started opening up more to Justin around season 3.
    Ahhh my stomach churned for days thinking about their last love scene together. It was so beautiful.
  • q. a. f - We Came For The Queer We stayed for the folk.

    Queer As Folk is possibly one of the best shows EVER. It is good and it really surprised you. There are twists and turns that you never thought could happen. It is definitely a classic. It keeps you going through every season and Justin is the best! As well as the lesbians, they're hot. Along with all the other sitcoms this the most different. But is the best! 10/10
    Stylish, great soundtrack. Brill characters. It is amazing! Woohoo. I have the first series on download and loads of other TV shows... I've done more than 100 words now!
  • A show pathetically great. a group of gay and lesbian couples going through AIDS, confusion, love, jealousy, group sex, three-somes to four-somes, porn, AIDS scare, and many many more mouth opening shocking storylines.

    firstly three gay men stand in a bar while an over-voice talks. It's Michael who is twenty-nie and his two other friends Emmett and Ted. Then there is Michael's best friend / lover in the 'dark room' getting FU CK ED, called Brian. After leaving Babylon, Brian meets hot young virgin boy Justin.

    EMMETT: Very out there gay guy, who has an AIDS scare, very helpful towards his friends and loves them so much, becomes a porn star named Fetch Dickson, then dates a 'suger daddy' that owns his own pickle company, tries to become straight but then knows gay is so him.

    MICHAEL: Dates a man that is HIV positive, his mother Debbie who loves that her son is gay Michael has a Uncle named Vic who also has AIDS and dies in season 4. Michael works at the Big Q then quits and opens his new Comic book Store.

    TED: Becomes addicted to porn after he gets fired from his work for looking at gay porn, then makes his own gay porn web site that nearlly goes down untill his friend Emmet helps him, has a drug overdose but survives, dates best friend Emmett.

    JUSTIN: A virgin boy that becomes 'obssed' with Brian, gets gay bashed by a homophobe boy from his school, lives with Michael's Mother, nick name 'Sunshine' from Debbie because of his smile, moves in with Brian, goes to art school but then his hand gets stuffed up from getting gay bashed then he makes a comic book with Michael, named Brian's babby boy, has sex with his best friend Daphney as she wants to lose her virginty, dates Brian but breaks the rules.

    BRIAN: promiscious boy that sleeps with alot of men in Pittsburg, loves Michael but doesn't admitt it, falls in love with Justin after he gets gay bashed, sleeps with his mother's preiest, his father dies after findig out his son is gay has a child with Melanie named Gus.
  • definately one of my personal favorites, a "must see tv show", i've just had the chance to see it for the first time, the thruth is that i couldn't stop watching it, every episode is great by itself, both straight and gay people will be touched by it.

    Nowadays people are so full of crap in their heads... they see us the gay community like we've nothing to do in this world, they think that we are just messing with the balance the society has made for each one of us, this show commits to erase that.
    There are no more words, you have to see this show, if you're straight you'll get to know our world and learn that we're exactly the same and will make you think twice on how you see gay people, and if you're gay...well this show will take you emotionally were brokeback mountain couldn't or any other gay movie that tried but didn't show us what we really are, from the first to the last episode you'll feel connected to it, if you're still in the closet, it will encourage you to get out and be yourself, or maybe it will just be an extraordinary gay love story like it was for me and believe me, you'll have a wonderfull time watching the whole five seasons.
    That's all i(an 18 year old gay guy) can say about Queer As Folk, the greatest show on earth!
  • only just started watching this but cant stop.

    wow... this is some very sexy stuff... i have been trying to buy this on dvd for a bout a year now, i myself had never heard about this program before my best friend told bout aidan gillen starring in it and thats when i nesw i had to have this. when i started watching this i admit it made me feel uncomfortabl but once i got used to fact that there was going to be a lot of gay activity, it was actually really good. i made my brothers watch it a couple nights ago, they were not impressed but hay wat do men no bout a good sexy sitcom. my fav character has to be stuart alan jones, hes sexy, cocky and thinks his gods gift but he is the one u want to see, the tension between him and vince is hard enough to bear, i don't no what happens in the last series but i do hope they get it together,they are so sweet when they are together. they are totally meant to be, i don't however like vinces current boyfriend, conner i think or something like that, he is a jealous mong. i hope to complete my collection with in the next two three months but i would recommend this to all women. and men who aren't affraid of a little bit of man on man action. xxxx total of 9
  • The Best Show Ever

    Where to begin? My god I loved this show and still do. I did not know what to expect when I caught in on Logo but I was hooked from the first show. Never have I seen a show that hits all the emotions. I became involved with theses people and their lives. I learned things that I had not known about the gay community and AIDS. I'm an avid watcher of tv and no show can compare to this. I have purchased the first two seasons and saving up for the rest. I wish it could have went on forever. Oh, by the way, They were not bad on the eyes either. LOL