Queer as Folk

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  • Brilliant. Bold. Beautiful.

    Queer as Folk exploded on to the screen in 2000, and television has never been the same since. No other show can compare to its revolutionary topics nor be shown in such a blunt, realistic way. The show invites us into the lives of five gay men: Brian, Justin, Michael, Emmett and Ted, as well as lesbian couple, Melanie and Lindsay. Its witty writing and graphic portrayal of gay life, shows each of the characters as fully developed, sexualized human beings. The writers broke the mold developing main character, Brian Kinney. He is a 31 year old unapologetic, advertising executive with an over-the-top sexual appetite. He will go to great lengths to hide how much he cares about those around him, as it would throw off his selfish, careless reputation. He becomes in a nonconventional relationship with 17 year old Justin, an aspiring artist, just emerging from the closet. Watching for the first time in 7th grade (not recommended for that young of an audience!), I became immediately addicted to the show and have been ever since. Being a heterosexual woman, Queer as Folk is able to appeal to many different viewers. It is an amazingly honest series that expresses life as a celebration. It was able to change my perspective on life and love as well as influence me a great deal as a person. I highly recommend the show to anyone, gay or straight.