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  • loved the program but still more that could be uncovered


    i've just finished watching all 5 seasons ofqueer as folk.I absoloutely loved it.Imust say though i have been hoping for justin and brian to in the end be happy together and was quite dissapointed with how it didn't work out.I believe that they have built those 2 up so close together and showed how justin has made brian experience things that he has never experienced before until justin came along. Including even love it showed thier relationship build so strong together through the program and i was sure they would end up happy together in the end and when they didn't i was quite shocked and i have to admit quite dissapointed and i think they let a lot of fans down by doing that. They gave them such a chemistry and made it one of the big attractions of the program to end it like that was quite well to be honest upsetting.

    Imust say it might sound quite cheesy and i don't usually get deeply into programs. But i felt i had quite a connection with this program. I'm a gay person who hasn't really told many people and this program showed me to do what you want and to be who you want and to be happy no matter what any one else thinks be proud of yourself even if no one else is.I also love how this program dealt with not just the drinking clubbing and partying life of gay people but also dealt with the problems homosexuals have to deal with. Thingsfrom gang bashings to coming out to even political unfairnes due to thier sexuallity. It's not as bad these days which is good but it's still thier and i just love the fact that they showed it i also loved all the relationships between the characters the friendships the dating. The actors were so good it looked natural i could've believed they were all really gay.I think the program was smartly thought out and is very addictive i've already downloaded all the seasons and would like to watch them again.

    I must say though i know it has been six years but i would like to see a sixth season come out with all the same characters in it. Thier appearances haven't really changed much at all and i think thier are still a few things i would like to see sorted out.I think it would be good for it to begin brian sitting in his loft holding the box with his and justins wedding rings that he did not return and i would like to see justin come back and for them to finally get together.I would also like to see it show michael and bens battle for custody of hunter go to court and them sort that out and lynsey and melanies challenges with being in canada and copingwith a new house and trying to keep in contact with the others. it would be quite good to see smmit and the footballertry and sortthier relationship to and i would love to see debbie get married to karlit's just my personal opinion but i think it would be really good to see them do one final season even if it only has like 8 episodes just to see everything truly get sorted because i don't believe not everything got fully covered because i really loved the program i had laughs and tears from events from it but the ending really dissapointed me and let me down.

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