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  • True To Life

    Being a gay male and living in a larger city area it was like watching a mirror reflection of myself. Especially in Justin's character, I caught myself saying, "Oh my God! That was ME!" The vampirish nightlife was very true to form. The casual sex. It is very realistic and it was quite an eye opener when it debuted even for somebody that was well seasoned in the lifestyle!

    The first season was the best as far as the catty humor and fun of it all. If you were gay you laughed a lot because you knew people EXACTLY like the main characters. As each season progressed it got more and more serious and lost the humor aspect and I quit watching about the middle of the third season because it got down right depressing. It was a very experimental project as far as pushing the envelope on gay life when it was NOT socially acceptable at the time! Nobody had really probed into the serious depths of gay life and to see it on TV was actually quite shocking, "OMG! I can't believe they just showed that!" - or said that - or did that. It was very hip and up to the moment on style, music, slang lingo - everything.

    The cinematography was new in the zooming methods they used that punctuated everything. I still go back and watch the first season and just smile. I can remember just howling at that party when Emmett dressed in drag as Jackie Kennedy. That whole scene was worth watching the series. Hilareous! The first season I would say it was a 10, but the following seasons brought it down to about an 8.
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