Queer as Folk

Season 3 Episode 13

Tweaked-Out, Fucked-Out Crystal Queen

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 15, 2003 on Showtime



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    • Justin: So, it's over?
      Brian: Yeah, it's over.
      Justin: No?
      Brian: This time next week Stockwell will be mayor and I'll be collecting unemployment.
      Justin: Well, I will be on the street, paddling my a** or my art, whichever makes more money.
      Brian: Well, don't spend too much on framing.
      Justin: They suspended me. Oh, don't look so disappointed. You don't have to pay for my education anymore.
      Brian: I thought you were going to apologize.
      Justin: I did apologize. But then they wanted me to apologize to him and I couldn't. I couldn't say "I'm sorry" to someone who would rather see me dead, all of us dead, than be part of his family friendly world.
      Brian: So you sacrificed everything?
      Justin: Sometimes you have to for what you believe in.

    • Brian: The f***er didn't show up
      Justin: We can go back tomorrow night. I'll dress up like a hustler, we can try again.
      Brian: You looked hot.
      Justin: This is gonna cost you a hundred dollars.
      Brian: We were just pretending, remember?
      Justin: Maybe you were.

    • Michael: Well, if it isn't Little Mary Sunshine
      Emmett: Little Mary Sunshine died. I'm Little Mary Go Fuck Yourself.

  • Notes

    • This and the previous episode were the only two times where Hunter and Justin are seen together,so far.Hunter's mean spirited tone of voice toward Justin might be the reason why.

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