Queer as Folk

Season 3 Episode 10

Uncle Ben

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 18, 2003 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Justin and Brian attempt to visit several of Pittsburgh's bathhouses only to find they have all been closed down. A cop stops them outside and decides to check Justin's ID. The cop throws his ID on the ground and then he tells them to go home. The two head off to a back alley to enjoy one another.

Brian, Michael, Ben, and Emmett work out together at the gym. They discuss how crowded Babylon has become, due to Stockwell closing everywhere else. The guys hassle Brian for helping Stockwell. Ted attempts to enter the gym but they will not let him in because he bounced a check. Emmett tries to smooth things over but Ted storms out.

Lindsay, Melanie, and Michael attend Mel's doctor's appointment. Michael realizes that Mel is having some difficulties. The doctor advises Mel to take it easy and Lindsay insists Mel has been overworking herself.

At the diner, Ben tries to calm an upset Michael but Brian hassles him the whole time. Ben's phone rings and he leaves. Debbie comes over and she wants to know why Michael is upset. She offers Michael some advice but it does not calm him at all. In fact, Debbie grows a little concerned herself.

At home, Ted checks his email and he finds an invite to a sex party at a local motel. He deletes it and Emmett arrives home. He has made plans to take Ted for a getaway at the Maple Leaf Inn. Ted doesn't want to go but Emmett insists. Emmett gets a phone call about another job. He has to cancel with Ted but he insists Ted go on the trip alone so he can get some much needed relaxation.

Ben arrives at the hospital to find Hunter, who lied to the hospital staff and told them Ben was his uncle and legal guardian. He has a severe kidney infection. At first, Ben doesn't want to go along with the lies but in the end, he pretends just so he can help him.

It is yet another overly crowded night at Babylon, where Justin and Brian enjoy some dancing. A guy comes over to join them but Justin excuses himself because he has something important to do. Brian and the guy disappear into the backroom.

Mel leaves a store and she hears someone following her. When she pulls out her mace, Michael announces it is just him. He admits he has been following Mel and she is furious with him. He goes home with her. Mel insists Michael promise he will stop being overprotective. He promises.

Justin goes around the city hanging modified Stockwell posters. They are designed to make Stockwell look like Hitler.

The next day, everyone is pleasantly surprised to see the new posters all over town. Justin pretends that he knows nothing. Emmett says goodbye to Ted, who is heading off to the Maple Leaf Inn.

At home, Michael answers the telephone. The hospital is calling to verify Ben's billing address. When Michael questions him, Ben admits he helped Hunter. He then confesses the entire story to Michael who is furious with him. Michael puts his foot down and insists they are not going to get involved.

Ted takes a detour on his way out to the country. He spots the motel where the sex party he was invited to is being held. He decides to stop.

At the office, Stockwell stops by to see Brian. He is furious because the media is now referring to him as a Nazi. Brian tries to smooth things over but Stockwell insists Brian come up with an idea to fix things. Brian suggests he make light of it in public.

Ted kills some time in his motel room. Finally, he makes his rounds and finds people having sex in every room. He buys a guy named Mark a soda who offers some pills in return. Mark invites Ted back to his room, where a bunch of cute guys are having fun together. Ted doesn't go.

Ben goes to see Hunter at the hospital. He tells the boy that maybe it is time he realizes it is a chance for him to turn his life around. When Hunter makes fun of the idea, Ben gets angry and he storms out, determined to confess the truth to the doctors. Before he can, the doctor tells Ben he has some important news.

Mel drops some papers and she begins experiencing some severe pain. Michael comes over to help her and he admits he lied when he said he wouldn't follow her anymore. She insists it is just indigestion but when more pain hits, Michael thinks it isn't true.

Brian catches Justin making photocopies of the poster. He insists that Justin quit while he is ahead. When Justin refuses, Brian reminds him that he is not only hurting Stockwell but also Brian's business.

On his way out of the motel, Ted stops by Mark's room where an orgy is taking place. Mark offers Ted some coke, which he refuses…and then accepts. Ted then joins in the festivities.

Mel is examined at the hospital. Michael and Lindsay are both with her and they are worried but she is fine. Once Michael leaves the room, he runs into Ben. Michael asks if he straightened everything out, Ben admits he did not. Michael is furious until Ben tells him Hunter is HIV+. Michael immediately changes his tone and he asks if Hunter knows. Ben tells him he doesn't because he has yet to tell him.

The next morning, Ted arrives home looking like something the cat dragged in. He scares Emmett out of his mind. Emmett is concerned when he sees how exhausted Ted looks but Ted makes excuses as to why he didn't sleep.

In bed, Michael and Ben discuss how Ben is going to tell Hunter that Hunter has HIV. Michael is supportive and he offers as much reassurance as possible. Stockwell is thrilled with Brian because his advice worked. Additionally, the Gay and Lesbian Center is now going to back his mayoral candidacy. He gushes over Brian, which does not make him feel very good.

Mel and Lindsay arrive home to relieve Debbie from her babysitting duties. She leaves. Melanie decides it is time to put her pregnancy first and everything else second. Ben and Michael go to the hospital to find Hunter, who disappeared in the middle of the night.

At Babylon, Brian discovers the backroom has been closed down. Meanwhile, Justin continues his poster crusade. Brian finds him and then helps him hang some more posters.

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