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Best version? US vs UK

Which version is in your opinion the better version?

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    Maybe it's because I saw the UK version first, and nobody can compare to Stuart Allan Jones, or maybe the acting etc actually isn't perfect in the US version.

    Since it isn't that big a difference in quality (as US vs UK Office*), it could be interesting to see this poll on a site mostly for americans.

    * - I'm not brittish, I'm an American living in Sweden, but it's very very obvious that the UK Office is the better Office.

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    It's a tricky choice but I know where my heart is... with the American version.

    I saw the UK version first, loved it, was very sceptical to the US one (and especially in the beginning where it's the same thing but different actors and a bit more... cringeworthy XD) BUT, there is a big big reason that makes me pick US... it got so much more time, so many more episodes (compare UK's 10 to US' 83... and those 83 were each longer too), and this brought on massive character/relationship development etc. And that always makes a show better imo. And due to all this "extra time" they got to deal with different situations and issues that was interesting to see.

    So yes, QaF US is the show that won me over (and I want to add that it was my first proper TV fandom. It seriously changed me completely... I watch tv differently now)

    (and I am a Swede living in Sweden *laugh* and oh how I love the fact that this week is Pride week, even on tv. So long since I saw this show and it's lovely to get to watch it again, on real tv!
    I can't say anything about Office since I don't watch either, but British humor is different form American, so for a comedy it's a big difference *nods*)
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    The UK one wasn't given enough time to reach it's full potential.
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    I voted for US, for sure. I do agree that the UK The Office is superior. That kind of humor works better with British accent and timing! I saw the US version of QAF first, even though I was living in Spain at the time.

    As a straight woman, I have to say Gale Harold is more attractive (to me) than the actor who plays Stuart. Haha, to be honest, I'm always surprised when I'm watching British TV and a character is supposedly "gorgeous". I see more attractive people walking down the street every day here in Colorado, USA than any British TV character. Actually, you know who was cute? The blonde girl from Coupling. And I don't know what it is about him, but I would totally jump David Tennant. The two hottest actors on Torchwood are American. (Jack Harkness and John Hart. Yummy.) That reminds me: Please, please, please, USA, don't mess with Doctor Who! Anyway, back to QAF.

    The UK version was fun to watch, but I didn't really get invested with the characters. Of course, there wasn't enough time to do so. And the ending was totally ridiculous. Fun to watch, but not tugging at my heartstrings or anything. The production values were much higher in the American version, and it has a fantastic soundtrack, but I'm not necessarily saying that those are positive or negative things. I liked it, but I've heard other people say they prefer the UK version for the same reason. They they prefer gritty to glossy. To each their own.

    I'm actually starting to get embarrassed about how many UK shows the US has copied recently. (I guess they're working on a US version of Skins now. Why not just show the UK version here? It's not really an amazingly original idea, but it was executed well in the UK.) Generally, I think the US should leave UK shows alone, but in the case of Queer as Folk, I'm very glad it was remade in North America! The only thing I prefer about the UK version? Vince is much more likeable than Michael! (And, actually, cuter. . . Ok, there are a few attractive Brits, after all.

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