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  • Series that follows the complicated life of a sex-obsessed Stuart Jones, his underaged boy toy Nathan, and his best friend Vince.

    I am one of the heterosexual women (from the US) who have been won over by this show. Maybe it's the handsome Stuart Jones, but I'm leaning towards a fantastic plot/story line and cast. Granted the show only ran for two seasons, but each and every single episode kept me entertained. I heard rave reviews about the US version, but never got around to watching it. When the UK version showed up on hulu, I figured I'd give it a shot. After watching the episodes on hulu in two sittings (couldn't stop, i was so curious as to what happened next), I watched the US version. Sad to say I was quite disappointed. The acting wasn't as believable in my opinion, and since the episodes were stretched out, I felt they had a lot of 'fluff' (where as the UK version they had to crunch everything in half the time, so less mulling around and with heavier acting). While I wish they would bring the British version back, the US version will give me my Queer as Folk fix. I already ordered the QAF (UK) DVD's ...

    Forget the fact the characters were gay the episodes were just very well written. These seemingly simple characters were actually quite complex and extremely relatable (whether you be male, female, gay straight, what have you) and put in situations anyone could be in.

    Never have I been so engrossed in a show...
  • Interesting show.

    I really loved this show. The writing from Russell T. Davies was great. All the tension between Stuart and Vince, and the other characters, was fantastically created through the writing and the cast's performance each episode. One issue, though this was completely personal, was the accents the actors had. I'm not completely familiar with British accents, coming from Australia and all, and I had to watch certain scenes several times to work out what they were saying. Also, the ending wasn't as satisfying as the rest of the series, but I loved it all the same. This, the original, was much better than the US version.
    P.S. Vince Tyler is the coolest gay character ever!
  • i just started to watch this then was surprised that it never got past episode 2 season 2 BRING IT BACK!!!

    well what can i say i put this on catch up tv and was addicted and in 2 nights watched all episodes then tries searching on internet for more info
    well how annoyed when i found out it had seemed to not get past ep 2 s2 please bring it back the show is brilliant.

    is there a petition or something
  • Not as appreciated as such a fabulous programme should be.

    I have just recently seen the programme but I loved all the characters in it. The show is so well put together that you can't help but find yourself longing for the characters to find their mr right, in whatever form he may take. Also, it is so good to see not the stereotypical portrayal of homosexuality. The show has every stereotype which can be related to by not only gay people but people of every orientation. I think that every person should see at least one episode of Queer as Folk as it is exactly the way that a drama series should be like!
  • Stuart Allen Jones is handsome, streetwise, and oozing with sex appeal, and one of the key players on Canal Road. Vince is his best friend, down to earth yet in search of an unrequited love. Enter Nathan, confused teen, who turns their life upside down.

    This is one of the best shows I've ever seen. This is the show that made me want to become a TV writer. The first episode literally explodes, and the series continues its phenominal pace throughout. The characters, the setting, even the background music was funky. And Stuart, well, wew! He's not the best looking guy on the earth, but boy, he has so much sex appeal it literally oozes out of the Tv like honey. And Vince is such a cutey. I watched the whole series in one sitting (I got it on DVD cuz it was a lil before my time. It's engaging, engrossing, and it will change your life forever. It's groundbreaking. It raised the bar for homosexuals on Tv, and shocked people into realizing homophobia is a problem. But it is also enjoyable, inspiring and exiting. Deffinately one to watch before you die.
  • "The greatest love story never told", as one of the show's characters puts it. A beautifully written exploration of the fine line between friendship and love, and an uplifting celebration of unrequited love. The "queer" bit? Really, not the main issue.

    This was the first show with which I became completely enamoured. A straight female, I fell in love both with the predatory Stuart's feline grace and the depth of emotion in the eyes of his long-suffering Vince. I hoped desperately for a fairytale ending. I lived with these characters, I laughed and I cried. Rarely, if ever, have I enjoyed a show this much.
  • What more can I say.

    An entertaining but sensitive drama about an ensemble of gay men, naturally the UK press kicked up a fuss when it started. But who cares this show was fun & never strayed from any issues that affected the gay community at large. The second series was way too short(only 3 episodes), the end left you with the impression that this it folks. The US version(which is equally good) went on for much longer, it's a shame that UK TV can't produce more quality dramas about gays & lesbians thesedays.
  • Great great great entertainment, da best, better than the u.s. version. good humor and cast

    The UK series originaly created for british audience is truly a unique piece of film art. Lot of humour, the first 3 parts are the best. My highest recommendation for this Queer:-)))) Go and get it on dvd. I haveit so no time to waste go and buy it. :-))Go Go go
  • Original and best version of QAF. This show broke new ground in UK and kicked off a series of gay themed shows - all paled into comparison.

    Original and best version of QAF. This show broke new ground in UK and kicked off a series of gay themed shows - all paled into comparison.

    After this showed aired, the gay scene all over the UK was mobed by the straights, it was now cool to be Gay and everbody wanted to be in it.

    The original may be the best, but thank goodness for the US version continuing the flame.