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Vince and Stuart attend Phil's funeral... in the quiet village where he grew up. Phil had planned the whole event meticulously; it is gloriously tacky, and at the same time deeply depressing, especially in the face of Mrs. Delaney's bewilderment. Vince is nervous because Phil nominated him for the reading; the lines to Phil's favourite song, D.I.S.C.O.

At the wake Vince meets Phil's accountant Cameron Roberts and gets immersed in a painful, intense conversation with Mrs. Delaney. In her despair she is looking for something to blame and can't stop herself pointing to her son's sexuality.

At school, Nathan tentatively approaches his classmate Christian. At home, his mother Janice finally confronts him. He rushes off in search of Stuart and ends up in Canal Street, eerily quiet during the day. He tricks a club doorman in to giving him Bernard and Hazel's address and heads off. If they don't let him stay, he'll leave for London.moreless
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