Queer Duck

Season 1 Episode 5

B.S. I Love You

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B.S. I Love You
Queer Duck waits in line forever to see a Barbra Streisand concert, he then finds out that the concert is sold out.

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      • (Queer Duck runs off to find Barbara Streisand)
        Oscar Wildcat: We have to stop him!
        Bipolar Bear: He's gonna do something crazy!
        Openly Gator (Looks at his watch): Hey! Sex And the City's on.
        Oscar Wildcat: Let's go.

      • Ticket Seller: Sold out! (Closes ticketing window)
        Queer Duck: No! I must see her! No one is going to rain on my parade!

      • Queer Duck: If it's a crime to love Barbara Streisand, then lock me up! (Queer Duck appears in a prison cell) Seventy-five years without parole? Oh, my gay stars!
        (Wolf whistle)
        Prisoner: You sure got a pretty beak!
        Queer Duck: (Impersonating BS) Why hello gorgeous!

      • (Talking via intercom.)
        Barbara Streisand: Who is it?
        Queer Duck: Just a poor, desperate loser who still loves you.
        Barbara Streisan: Elliot Gold? Get out of here!
        (Hangs up.)

      • (Waiting in a long line for Barbara Streisand tickets.)
        Queer Duck: Come on, come on, let's get moving!
        Gator: This is like a gay-pride pirade in slow motion.
        Bi-Polar Bear: Welcome to homos in slow-mo. (Laughs, Pause.) I'll be quiet.
        Wildcat: You do that.

      • Gator: Why do gay men love Barbara Streiand so much?
        Wildcat: Because she looks so much like a female impersonater.
        Queer Duck: No, no, you've got it all wrong, prolonged exposure to Barbara causes homosexuality.
        Bi-Polar Bear: What proof do you have?
        Queer Duck: Her son Jason.
        Wildcat: Can't argue with that.

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • The Teletubbies

        The pink tele-tubby from the children's series is waiting in line to see Barbara Streisand, due to the fact that the actor that played the character on the series was homosexual.

      • Hard Drinkin' Lincoln

        While waiting in line for the Barbara Streisand concert, you can see Lincoln, depicted as he is, in Mike Reiss' other web cartoon, Hard Drinkin' Lincoln.