Queer Eye for the Straight Girl

Bravo (ended 2005)


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    • Kimberly D
      Kimberly D
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Before: Farm girl turned rock chick, Kim Dahle is known for her rebel antics. A convicted shoplifter and high school dropout at the age of 16, Kim has found she needs to redirect this negative energy and use it toward producing something positive in her life. An accomplished violinist, Kim is tired of living paycheck to paycheck and not believing in her ability to play beautiful music. She feels trapped in her cage, and needs The Gal Pals to open the door so that she may spread her wings. Watch as The Gal Pals take this shocker turned rocker and help her give the most electrifying performance of her musical career. After: Kim's big night begins, as so many great nights do, in the bathroom. Her new skin care regimen gives her face a healthy glow, framed nicely by her new haircut. For the show, she dons a stunning (and tightly fitted) bustier atop a black mini, fishnets and her favorite pair of combat boots. A short white jacket with a distressed pattern completes the look. With two violins (her old acoustic and new electric) in hand, she arrives at the venue where her band, Hyaline, are slated as the headline attraction. Ever the performer, Kim requests a drum and walking bass line from her band mates to accompany her fashion turn for them on the stage. With her new look and a new shot of confidence, Kim is undeniably a knockout. But with two big recording industry executives in attendance the real question is how will Hyaline sound? Before a packed house they come to life, driving bass, drums and guitar made distinctive with an innovative mix of howling vocals, flute and violin. Backstage, the A&R reps are generous with their appreciation: "You make good connection with your audience." "The music is really innovative." Best of all, the band gets an invite up to the record label's offices. Perhaps these unsigned stars won't be unsigned for long...moreless
    • Kimberly K
      Kimberly K
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Before:Ready to show the world the brilliant, career-oriented woman she has become, Kim is eagerly anticipating a reunion with her father after a seven-year separation. Kim has a heart of gold that believes in changing the lives of those less fortunate through her work at the Goodwill. Passionate about her career, she would like to be considered for a promotion, but lack the professional look she needs in order to be taken seriously by her boss. A make-up and fashion disaster, can the Gal Pals help her climp the corporate ladder and make Dad proud? After:Kimberly has a big night ahead of her and with her confidence sky-high with her new look, courtesy of the Gal Pals, she feels she can take anything on...well, except the stove. For someone as incredibly smart as Kim, it took a quite a bit of effort to get a common kitchen appliance straightened out. But once she did, there was no stopping her. She looked great in her new slinky dress and good thing too, because she has a lot of people to impress, most notably her father who she hasn't seen in years. Knocks on the door pulls her away from the kitchen and flower arrangements, which even made Damon proud. Kim opens the door to find her colleagues there to be greeted. As to be expected after spending the day with the Gal Pals, Kim was ready to take on the hostess role, especially since she has new digs to show off. Finally, another knock on the door lets Kim know this is the knock she has been anticipating. Her and her father haven't seen each other for years and as such, their embrace moves Kim to tears. As dinner is being served, a toast in Kim's honor by her proud pappa is more than she could have ever asked for.moreless
    • Sandi S.
      Sandi S.
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Before: Sandi's a firefighter who lives and works with 30 men, yet her cooking's so bad that her buddies groan when it's her turn to cook. They even have a bottle of Tums out as part of the meal! Watch as the Gal Pals set out to help this fashion burn out turn into a smouldering siren while showing her how to prepare a delicious meal for her sceptical fellow firefighters. After: Armed with recipes provided by Danny, Sandi now must face her true test - the kitchen. It's a "trial by fire" if you will, and practical jokes played by her fellow firefighters, which is obviously the standard practice in this firehouse, do not help ease her apprehension. But the trooper that she is, she plugs away knowing she must cook a delicious meal for a group of hungry men. While in the new spa-like bathroom, courtesy of Mr. Pease, a few of her buddies decide to replace and hide her recipes. They also replace her potted basil with a geranium thinking she would never notice. Not finished yet, they also freeze her cookbook in ice. If this is how these guys show affection, they must really love Sandi. From her fabulous new wardrobe, she opts for a pair of boot-cut jeans that accentuates her figure and a gorgeous chocolate top. To cap it off, she chooses a pointed heeled boot, much to the approval of Robbie. To overcome all of the obstacles, her boyfriend Glenn comes to lend a helping hand as well as her best friend. Despite all of the good-natured jokes and all the ribbing, the rest of the guys come in to help their sister in need - or to show their level of hunger. Before long, the Capri salad is made, the steaks are cooked and empty stomachs are gathered around the table. But wait - the Gal Pals have one more surprise in store for this local heroine, a Dell laptop. Even though they constantly give her a hard time, in the end, they show their appreciation for Sandi complete with a fire engine cake to celebrate her fifth anniversary as a firefighter. Unfortunately for Sandi and her buddies, the celebration is cut short as the alarm of the firehouse screams at the men - and lady - to quickly get dressed and dash off to an unknown emergency. But fortunately for the rest of us, there are people like Sandi who do cut celebrations short in order to give us their heroic helping hand.moreless
    • Lauren F
      Lauren F
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Before:Lauren and Lex are a young, happily married couple with a first anniversary fast approaching. While their love for one another is plentiful, romance seems to be lacking. Maybe it's the clutter in their apartment, the monotony of their lives, or just the abundance of the color blue, but somehow their spark is fizzling. Can the Gal Pals prepare them for a romantic second honeymoon at home and help Lauren trade in her "Pippi Longstocking" look for one of a pop princess? After:Despite some initial trepidation from the thought of turning her "Pippi Longstocking" look to more of a pop princess, Lauren more than held her own with the Gal Pals. With the shock and awe of her brand new, and grown-up, apartment, she's ready to celebrate her one year anniversay with her friends and, of course, with her husband Lex. As she slinks into the hip and swanky White Lotus, a loud ovation erupts at the table filled with her closest friends and Lex. Her new and post-kindergarten look garners such positive feedback, everyone simply cannot believe the change. The evening is capped off with the happy couple making their way back home so Lex can take in their new home, courtesy of Damon, and he is more than pleased with the results, yet Lauren's new look is the one he treasures the most.moreless
    • Luz H
      Luz H
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Before: Luz is a Harvard graduate turned lawyer who gave up a six-figure salary to represent low-income residents of Compton. Unfortunately, trying to make a difference in the lives of others has come at a hefty price. Luz lacks the funds necessary to give her office the professional touch it needs. While Luz is confident in her abilities as a lawyer, she wants her office to reflect her talent and make her clientele feel as though they've come to the right place. Now it's The Gal Pals' turn to take an inspirational role in this courtroom drama. Watch as they feed Luz's feminine side and help her network within the community she's dedicated to serve by throwing a neighborhood get-together in Luz's new second home — her law office. After: Luz calls ahead for the wine, cheese and canapés, but adds a personal touch with homemade cookies — or tries to, except that the dough is too stiff to work with. (Want to make them yourself? See our Tips & Recipes section for directions.) After applying a bit of elbow grease, the cookies are rolled, cut and ready for the oven. While they bake, Luz heads to the bathroom for a facial scrub and mask. She makes a few wardrobe edits (pointed shoes, no jacket) and applies her makeup to good effect, even if it's not exactly in the manner prescribed. As the cookies come out of the oven, best friend David arrives. She gives him the grand tour, but it's Luz he can't take his eyes off of. "You look so different," he says, with a big grin. They head to her office, where they meet the caterer with her order. The food looks scrumptious, but the gaudy tablecloth doesn't quite live up to Damon's fabulous design. Her parents are the first guests to arrive. Both are enormously proud; her mother tears up at the site of her stunning daughter in her stylish new office. More guest file in — family friends, other lawyers, important members of the community; one friend, Michael, traveled all the way from New York to see Luz, and may be interested in getting to know her a lot better. When all arrive, Luz speaks from her heart: "The part that I'm most excited about is to be able to be in this community...hopefully, this is the beginning of a lot of other people that want to come back to communities in need." The President of the Compton Chamber of Commerce presents her with a plaque welcoming her, promising to recommend her services to area business. "I may be your client very soon."moreless
    • Casting Special
      Casting Special
      Season 1 - Episode 14
    • Deena M
      Deena M
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Before: Deena is a fitness instructor by day/songwriter by night, who is desperately trying to remain aloft amidst a whirlwind of change. With a new husband, a new home, and a new baby on the way, this musically minded mother-to-be is worried she'll no longer have the time to pursue her personal passion in the face of obligations and parenthood. With the help of The Gal Pals, Deena is able to take a breath and realize her adoration for her child far exceeds any exaltation fame can bring. Watch what happens as our team lends the Stork a helping wing by planning the perfect baby shower — complete with a tea party — for this mom-to-be. After: Parents are quick to shoot videos — endless long, often pointless videos — of their newborn babies, but too few realize that videos show for their children might have a deeper value in the years and for the generations to come. Following the Gal Pal's advice, Deena takes time to record "Lullaby for Delilah," in her new nursery. Deena tries to build her outfit from the accessories up, but runs into a pearl mishap when trying to remove a too-tight strand. Fortunately, she looks stunning without them, a true sexy momma in her heels and black dress. Her husband Jerry arrives home and is delighted with their beautiful new home. But the real emotion hits when he sees the nursery its closet full of wonderful baby items. Meanwhile, Deena's friend Betsy sets up for the surprise baby shower, while Roseanne — a friend who has secretly flown in from New York — is busy at work knocking out tray after tray of scones. The mommy to be arrives, offering hugs all around — plus a shout, a bear hug and tears upon seeing that Roseanne has joined them. "So pretty...but so unprepared." That was Deena, at least until the Gal Pals arrived. Now Deena's home is ready for baby Delilah, but more importantly, so is her mindset. And a slew of baby shower gifts from her friends doesn't hurt a bit!moreless
    • Nicole H
      Nicole H
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Before: Nicole is on the verge of a mid-life crisis at the thought of facing her 30th birthday party. Like Cinderella before her ball, she has suffered the loss of her Father, lived in conditions unbecoming of a princess, and has little hope for a stimulating love life. Determined to release Nicole's confident, sexy-in-the-city side, the Gal Pals turn Nicole into "less Charlotte — more harlot." Ready and willing, watch as Nicole embraces a confident new self and a grand new beginning. With the aid of her Gal Pals, Nicole will come to realize that 30 is the new 20, and she is more than deserving of a happy life. After: After a moment to reflect on her day with the Gal Pals, Nicole gets to work: a good "Joan Crawford" scrub in the shower, followed by a tease of the hair just as Honey instructed. Then it's on with the makeup and the purple heels, and into the kitchen to assemble a few gourmet hors d'oeuvres. No more towel-wrapped sandwiches for Nicole's guests! Her friend and sister-in-law are struck mute by the change in Nicole and her apartment. "I've never seen you wear anything like that before!" Glasses of port all around (properly decanted, per Danny's direction). Off go the jeans and on goes the "diva shoes" and the little black dress: it's party time. Her friends bring out Danny's cupcake-cake, but unbeknownst to Nicole, they've arranged for an even bigger surprise: her crush, Joe. Surrounded by friends, family and hunky Joe, Nicole ends the night with heartfelt toast: "You make me feel good about myself…and now I'm going to look good." Amen, sister.moreless
    • Rebeka D.
      Rebeka D.
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Before: Rebeka is a bubbly 20 something who is true to herself, but blue when it comes to romance. She hasn't had a date in two years, yet serves as hostess at "Hurry Dates" — a meet and greet of local singles looking for love. The Gal Pals are on a mission — Rebeka is in for a "night of a dozen dates." She already has the self-confidence and poise of a woman capable of a loving relationship, but its up to the Gal Pals to get her off the bench and back in the game. After: Before her big date, Rebekah invites her girlfriends over to check out her stylish new digs and unstoppable attitude. They love her "soap opera" hair, impeccable makeup and sexy brown boots. They squeal with delight at her "gay-sion" themed décor. They even applaud the crostini. A glass of champagne and a box of condoms (just in case!) later, Rebekah is ready to experience a new side of Hurry Date. One by one, eligible guys of different stripes alight on her couch. With only four minutes per encounter, some make the grade and some clearly don't. Maybe it's the chemistry or maybe it's the cocktails, but Adam, the last man of the night clear makes a powerful impression. "You're kind of cuddly." The night ends on a perfect note — another glass of champagne, a private moment with her favorite suitor and a moonlight kiss.moreless
    • Melissa C
      Melissa C
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Before: Melissa is a recovering anorexic turned therapist now working with adolescents with eating disorders. Proud of her personal accomplishments, Melissa believes only one more thing could make her life complete. After a healthy weight gain of 60 pounds, Melissa needs to get on board with her new body, but would also like to propose to her long-time boyfriend, Dan. The Gal Pals order the cup of courage Melissa needs to help her plan a romantic engagement dinner and, hopefully, complete her personal fairy-tale. After: Hair. Makeup. Walnuts. And, oh, right...a marriage proposal! Melissa has an extremely big evening ahead of her but we're certain she's up to the task. Boyfriend Daniel arrives and his face lights up. "You look so amazing." He can't take his eyes off her. The kitchen is great, but the bedroom is better but for Daniel, it's all about the girl. Once he changes into the natty outfit Robbie picked out, the two are a matched set of Hollywood glamour. They share the Cleopatra's Walnuts as an en-route appetizer. Before dinner, they take a quiet sunset stroll along the marina. It's hard to enjoy a meal with a stomach full of butterflies, so Melissa's plan is to pop the question first. But for some reason, Melissa doesn't quite feel the moment is right. She's not seriously considering Robbie's "baked potato" idea, is she? Bolstered by a glass or two of liquid courage, Melissa throws caution into the wind. "I would like to know...if you would marry me." Daniel's reactions: first stunned silence, then the traditional invocation of higher powers ("oh my god," "holy Jesus"), followed happily by joyous acceptance. "Sweetie, of course I'll marry you."moreless
    • Tamara W.
      Tamara W.
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Before: Tamara Wiggins is an artist turned computer geek, troubled over the feeling she is not fulfilling her true calling. A mother of two, she wants her children to know her as the woman she once strived to be. In preparation for her first art show, watch as The Gal Pals help Tamara put the mouse pad away and her paintbrush to use. After: Despite a few nerves in the kitchen (the phone is kept handy "in case I gotta call 911"), the pork is stuffed and on the stove in no time. Next it's on with the make-up, into her slinky, low-cut dress ("If you've got 'em, flaunt 'em," Honey advises) and a few minutes of quality hair time with a hot iron. Now all Tamara has to worry about is whether her va-va-voominess will still all the attention away from her beautiful art. Knock-knock, family's home. Damien is delighted ("shut uuuup!"), though their youngest might not recognize mommy with pretty hair - or their fabulously styled apartment. Together, they dig in to dinner and get to know goat cheese. A champagne toast and it's off to the gallery for Tamara's big show. At the art show, her friends and family give a huge holler for her new style. Even her mom, a tough critique, loves the hair and pronounces the whole look "sophisticated." After a few words, the partition comes down and her work is on display - a big improvement from the living room floor. Even the gallery owner weighs in, expressing her admiration for an especially expressive piece. The evening is capped off with the words every child hopes to hear, "I'm so proud of you...I'm so proud that you're my baby."moreless
    • Laura L.
      Laura L.
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Before: Laura and Paul have been married for ten years, but you wouldn't know it watching them swoon over one another like newlyweds. Unfortunately, the long hours they spend running their deli leaves them little time or energy for each other — or for household tasks like tidying up their home by the beach and getting rid of its ever present cat-pee smell. Busy though they may be, Laura feels their tenth anniversary is too important a milestone to ignore. So she's turned to the Gal Pals for help throwing a beach party for their friends and family, the perfect setting for a surprise vow-renewing ceremony. After: With the Gal Pals gone, Laura takes a moment to lie back and collect her thoughts for the evening ahead. A little bit of nervous energy shows as first her hand quivers while applying lip liner, and again when she wisely (but with frustration) gives up on an updo that was on its way to mullet-town. At least she looks smashing in her wrap dress. Hoping to cut a corner or two, plans to print out photo keepsakes for her guests are shelved. ("How much time did I spend with her?" wonders Honey.) Husband Paul arrives home and is conscripted to assemble gift baskets, then takes an ill-advised stab at floral arrangements. Bonus hint: roses and bird of paradise flowers don't go well together. Laura's Minnesota family is first to arrive, followed soon by their Los Angeles friends. Everyone is taken with the new apartment and their fabulous roof deck; her father expresses his joy at seeing his angel, always a caregiver, being treated to something so special. Laura brings Paul to their bedroom where she gives him the special watch she had custom designed just for him. While he's suitably distracted, her friend quietly leads the party guests out to the beach. As he waits, eyes closed, she changes into her gold gown and succeeds in putting her hair up. Together they make their way to the beach for a sunset ceremony, each expressing their gratitude that fate has provided them with such a wonderful partner for life's adventure.moreless
    • Samantha P
      Samantha P
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Before: Newlywed Samantha and her husband are ecstatic to move into a place of their own after enduring months of living under her parents' roof and sleeping on a hide-a-bed couch. When the Gal Pals arrive, it's moving day and high time for our straight girl to embark on her new life with a stunning look and home to match. First it's out with the old as the Gal Pals conduct an impromptu yard sale and community meet-n-greet. Next it's a whirlwind day of personal and home improvement as the Gal Pals create the perfect palace for a stunning Samantha and her prince. After: After following Honey's make-up tips, Sam takes care of the most important thing: putting away the "adult" toys. From Robbie's fabulous new wardrobe, she elects to wear the perfect-fitting jeans and a bright, spaghetti-strap top (sans price tag, thankfully). The true test is in the kitchen where Samantha's inexperience is legendary. Tragically, she forgets to sauté the spinach before adding the cheese and pesto. Mid-preparation, husband Danny arrives and is struck dumb by his newly furnished home and gorgeous wife. Of course, this only serves to distract her from the kitchen, where her full attention (and then some) is definitely needed. Looking for help, Samantha conscripts Danny to meat-cutting duty while she prepares the table. Careful with that knife — ouch. Before long, the house is full of friends and family members. Her mom and dad pitch in on the salad, most likely realizing that if they don't, there might not be anything to eat. Sam, Danny — fire up the grill, quick! Fortunately, someone spots the meat and the cold barbeque and connects the dots. Sam? She's in the bedroom, showing off her clothes (and toys). But what are families for if not to make sure everyone gets fed? With wine in hand, all assembled raise a toast to Samantha, Danny and their new home — which everyone will be visiting all the time.moreless
    • Kristen M
      Kristen M
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Before: Kristin is a "type A" straight girl with great taste and style, but she needs the Gal Pals to help her take a step back and let others do the planning. When Kristin first met hunky Peter in a local Los Angeles bar, it was love at first sight. After being whisked away to Denmark and promising to love, honor and obey, Kristin would like to make it official in the company of her family and friends. Once Kristin is able to leash the control freak that resides within, the Gal Pals are able to help her realize her potential to make this day, and every other day, happy ever after. After: With her sister there to lend a hand, Kristin follows the make-up advice she received from Collier Strong at L'Oreal, applying foundation and teasing her hair for added volume. Torn between two perfect dresses ("this one makes me feel like a princess...and this one makes me feel like me"), she chooses the elegantly sexy, form-fitting white gown covered with detailed embroidery. Their fashionable guests arrive, each invited to make a wish for Kristin and Peter as they light a candle. As they take their seats, Kristin's father pays her a visit bearing her wedding bouquet and a special family heirloom — the good-luck shilling her mother gave him on their wedding day which he's carried in his wallet ever since. Kristin is positively glowing as she is escorted down the aisle, no longer stressed about every last detail but instead reveling in this magical moment. The reception is Kristin's first opportunity to see the room decorated, and she is delighted with every detail, from the floral arrangements to the chocolate brown linens. "Damon is amazing." Their first dance, however, could use a little more practice as Kristin forgets to let Peter lead. The sizzling hot dip and kiss at the end more than redeems any earlier missteps. Kristin thanks her friends for coming and the gal pals for making it all possible, ending by raising a glass and leading everyone in a traditional Danish toast: "Skol!"moreless