Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 25

A Closet Thespian: Alex M

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Mar 01, 2005 on Bravo



  • Quotes

    • Ted: You know, the Greeks invented gay sex.
      Kyan: They certainly did. Let's hear it for the Greeks!

      Kyan: I feel so bad for him - he has two brothers who are identical twins, and he's the fraternal twin, so he's the odd man out.
      Ted: I feel bad for the brothers, 'cause they're named Aristotle and Socrates.

      Carson: Who does the laundry?
      Carine: Not me.
      Carson: Good answer.

      Kyan: You're an actor, wanna have a play?

      Ted (standing next to some giant paper roses): Wow, you've gotta stop and smell the roses... even when they're huge.

      Kyan (Kneeling over Jai who is acting dead): Pedro!
      Jai: Now look up at the sky and scream 'no.'
      Kyan: Noooo!!!! Pedro!
      Jai: That was really good!
      Kyan: Wasn't that good?
      Jai: Do you have headshots?
      Kyan: Okay, scene!

      Carson: Jai, did you tell him to wear something else for the audition?
      Jai: I said I liked the suit.
      Carson: You told him to wear something else? You bitch!
      Thom: Jai, is there anything else you told him to do, like maybe put the sofa on the other wall?
      Jai: I told him...
      Ted: "Maybe have him make the truffles better?
      Jai: I told him to shave against the grain.
      Kyan: Good, Jai, thank you.