Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 22

An American Straight Guy in London: Darin D

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Feb 01, 2005 on Bravo

Episode Recap

Darin is about to get his PhD (yeah!)and it involves spending a year or 2 in London (yeah!),he has a lovely wife named Julie (yeah!)and they made some friends (yeah!).However,there are some troubles(oh):Darin has been dressing way too repetitively,he only cooks things involving chicken,cheese and mushrooms,and as there is only 1 income(Julie's) the couple hasn't been able to enjoy London's awesome culture and the apartment is covered in fourth of July stuff and its rather untidy.Carson shows Darin how dress neater,to look more professional and his shirts are all things that move as Darin is prone to backne(more in a bit).Jai takes Darin the Fab 5's hotel room for a lesson in housekeeping.Jai has arranged for the couple to enjoy tea at fancy hotel,a boat ride on the Thames river,and then a ride on the London Eye where some of their family members will be waiting!however,it's all been arranged as a scavenger hunt and its Darin's job to make up the clues...Kyan gets Darin a backne facial,and instructions on how to do them at home. Ted and Darin enjoy British cheese and get snacks for the hunt which include cucumber sandwiches.Thom gets chairs and a sofa that will accommodate the 6'2 Darin better,installs big bookcases and paints the living room Julie's favorite color.Also Thom opens up the kitchen by taking off all the doors from the cabinets. Darin's prep begins with cleaning up the apartment he then moves on to making the sandwiches and forgets 3 ingredients (and this guy is PhD candidate...) Julie comes home from work is astounded by Darin's new wardrobe and the new decor.As the hunt begins with tea which turns out wonderful,then the boat ride is nice and finally they arrive at the Eye where Julie's mom,sister and new baby son are waiting where everyone is tearful and happy.