Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 29

An Overdue Reunion: Joe H

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Apr 05, 2005 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Joe is a new dad with daddy issues. His son River is adorable; his wife Penny lovely; his mom supportive and loving; his dad no idea. Joe and dad had a falling out when Joe was 19, and now 20 years later they're seeing each other again for the first time.

Problems: Joe has scraggly hair and is colorblind, leading to some interesting outfits. His home is very plain, with a very depressed fish in a nasty looking tank in the family dining room. He is an amateur songwriter and would love to perform something for his dad, but is nervous. His main aim is to connect with River, so they do not drift apart like Joe and his father did.

Thom and Jai take Joe shopping, but his mind is clearly not on furniture. Thom tries to help him by showing him items that will create a more welcoming family environment, but soon finds himself more in use as a therapist, lending a willing ear to Joe's fears about meeting his father. Ted takes both Joe and Penny round a huge supermarket (on motorized shopping carts!). Carson gives Joe a lesson in different color and clothing choices, in particular the difference between dress and casual shirts. In a Queer Eye first, Kyan joins Joe in the hair salon as two receive sequential haircuts. Last, Jai brings in three-time Grammy winner singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin to help Joe go over the lyrics for his song, "It's All I'll Ever Need."

Back at Joe's house, the reveal happens not at the doorway but on the sidewalk as Joe spies his stunning new landscaped garden. Inside a painted wooden Lone Star state flag brings a touch of local color to the warm, homey interior. Carson sets up a system of dividing colors in Joe's closet, to help overcome his colorblindness. Kyan gives a lesson in baby massage, as a way for Joe to bond with son, River. Jai shows Joe how to wrap a beautiful camisole Carson bought as a present for Joe to give Penny. Finally, Ted uses the ingredients bought at the supermarket to create an impressive but simple fish dish. Before they leave they shower Joe with gifts for himself and baby River, including a new guitar and amplifier and baby linens. There's even a gift for their poor pet fish - a new home in the local aquarium.

Joe is obviously nervous as he prepares for the party, hacking at the vegetables and selecting an eye-popping blue and green ensemble. He tries to relax and try out his new massage skills on River, but River is wide awake and in no mood to lie quietly. Penny arrives and is broken up over their new home. She is even more overjoyed at the beautiful gift Joe presents her with. Finally the moment everyine has been waiting for arrives as Joe's father's car pulls up. It is an extremely emotional moment for all concerned, and Joe attempts to keep the party going (and check on the fish in the oven!) while in tears. Fortunately Penny takes over hosting duties, so Joe and his father can have some time to themselves. The episode ends with Joe singing "It's All I'll Ever Need" to his family, now including his father, out in the porch.