Queer Eye

Season 3 Episode 1

Championship Make Better: Boston Red Sox

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jun 07, 2005 on Bravo



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    • Thom: Don't forget, crudité is very important before a baseball game!

    • Ted: So Jason you flew all the way here in a helicopter to get your back waxed.
      Thom: That's really gay.

    • Carson: Oh my gosh. Am I the Size Whisperer? Perfect fit!

    • Kid: They got me a size 5-1/2 and I'm a size 6.
      Carson: Let me see if I can find something your size. May I show you a sensible pump as well?

    • Carson (surveying the damage to the concession stand): The bathroom. That's crucial! You need a place to fix your hair.

    • Ted (boxing up the donuts): We should really get some pink ones in there for the gay children.
      Michelle: Yeah. Maybe two, 'cause there might be more than one.
      Ted: Make it two, there might be two little gay kids.

    • Kyan: Is there huge pressure to sort of pull it off next year or is it kind of like, "Okay, we did it."?
      Thom: It's like, "We've got 86 more years!"

    • Player: And when I hold the ball I have to hold it with my fingernails.
      Carson: In my line of work they get mad when you hold the ball with your fingernails.
      Ted: I bet you guys never make ball jokes, do you.

    • Kyan (on a strand of Johnny Damon's hair): I could sell this on eBay for like a thousand dollars, probably

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