Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 2

Conquering the Catwalk: David G.

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jun 08, 2004 on Netflix



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    • Thom: Can you teach me to play Havah Nagila?
      David: You can play the piano?
      Thom: Yeah, I took lessons a kid.
      David: Me too!
      Thom: Ooh, connecting.

    • David (looking at a shiny shirt): This was from the time...
      Carson: Oh, this must be from when you were gay?

    • Carson: I think we should make him a little less geeky, a little more chic-ey.

      Carson: Oh my goodness! The hills are alive with the sound of bad footwear.

      Thom (Stamping on plastic glass): We're very safe Jewish people.

      Kyan: And then you stand in the shower with an electrical device. Which always seems like a good idea.

      Kyan: Oh my gaudy!

      David: You've earned my trust.
      Thom: Are you serious or are you kidding?

      Thom: I'm the straight guy, you're the decorator. You tell me what to do.

      Thom: Was it fun being gay?

      Thom: We're going to use a dragging brush... It doesn't mean you dress up as a woman when you use it.

      Carson: Love you more than my Louis!
      Jai: And that's a lot. Trust me.

      Jai: Thom, let me drive! Let me drive!
      Thom: No! Get away! Get away!

      Thom: I'd have to wear rose colored glasses in this house because it's so HARRIBLE!

      Carson: You're the business partner. You're the Dolce of Dolce and Gabana. You're the Pra of Prada.

      Fab Five (singing to the tune of Havah Nagila): Yarmulke, I lost my yarmulke...

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