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Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 3

Dharma Dad: Michael C.

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jun 15, 2004 on Bravo
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Episode Summary

Dharma Dad: Michael C.
Michael is a tattooed, alternate-magazine-editing, fruit-subsisting Buddhist hippie. But now he has a wife and a baby, and he wants to create a better environment for his family while staying true to his non-conformist self. The Fab Five help him develop a home and personal style that will mix his commitments and his own attitude, and arrange an evening for him to show his love for his wife in his own unique way.moreless

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      • Carson (To Michael, about the crying baby): I think he's afraid of your hair.

        Carson: I feel we're in a pediatric office. I feel like I should be reading Highlights magazine.

        Thom: This is like a bad suburban nightmare.

        Carson (dancing): God, I've never felt so un-Caucasian.

        Ted: Poor little baby. You know we're used to having crybabies around, 'cause we have Jai.

        Kyan: Your hair is so greasy. What do you put in it?
        Michael: Um... Soft and Beautiful.
        Kyan: You know this stuff is for African-American hair?
        Michael: Yeah.
        Kyan: Dude, that is NEVER the answer.

        Michael: You have to screw the thing into the hole.
        Ted: All right, now, Missy.
        Carson: Don't get fresh with me!

        Carson: Not like Paula Abdul is there to critique you.

        Thom (about Michael): You're looking cute there, punkin.
        Carson: He really is. Can I keep him? Please?

        Thom (looking at lamps): This is just like the one you have but...
        Michael: Not ugly.
        Thom: Not ugly.

        Thom: I have a plan for the cats. And I'm not gonna tell you exactly what it is. But just as a note: remind me to pick up barbeque sauce on the way home.
        Michael stares at him.
        Thom: I'm kidding, I'm kidding! I'm an animal lover.

        Ted: In your face, low-carb people! In your face! (Ted takes a huge bite out of a baguette.)

        Ted: We made a new drink!
        Carson: The fruit cocktail!
        Ted: In honor of Michael's weird fruit addiction!

        Carson: He could not carry a tune in a Louis bag.

        Jai: I kind of think he could kill his whole prep time by looking in the mirror.
        Thom (Pointing at Kyan): Hello! Look who he learned from.

        Thom: I'm so glad that they totally understand that I'm a genius.

        The baby starts pulling things out of the cabinets. His parents don't stop him.
        Thom: It's called discpline people! Say no to the baby!
        Jai starts pretending to be a baby, playing with the objetcs on the table.
        Everyone :No! No!

        Kyan: It's the gays. They really get you to eat the potatoes.
        Thom: Actually it's not the gays. Have you ever been to a gay dinner party?

        Ted: It looks like the Gong Show, doesn't it?
        Kyan: It really does.

        Michael sings, badly.
        Ted: That was beautiful.
        Carson: That was horrible!
        Ted: Not from the music standpoint!
        Carson: No ear-gasm for me.

        Ted: To the singing Buddhist!

        Amy: I hate this sofa!
        Ted: How do feel about fruit soup?
        Amy: I hate fruit soup!
        Thom: What about the baby?
        Amy: I love the baby!

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