Queer Eye

Season 3 Episode 14

Emergency Room to Emergency Wedding: Christian H

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Dec 20, 2005 on Bravo



  • Trivia

    • When the Fab Five are watching the wedding from their loft, they have their pets with them:
      Thom has his dog Paco.
      Carson has his dog Julio.
      Jai has his pet parrot.
      Kyan could not bring his own dog, as his dog was very young at the time of filming. The dog on his lap looks very like Jai's two dogs, Nemo and Dory, and is probably one of them.
      Ted could not bring one of his two pet cats, as Thom is allergic to cat hair, so he brought a goldfish instead.

  • Quotes

    • Carson (about Suzanne's reaction to the surprise wedding): We may have done a very bad thing.

    • Dad: Do you think Seth thinks he's going to win an Academy Award for this?

    • Thom: Wow. There seems to be some controversy in the food styling area.

    • Kyan: We all brought our pets!
      Ted: Well I brought my fish Nobu.
      Thom: I should have brought my chopsticks.

    • (Thom's at the chalkboard, drawing a diagram of the food tables like it's a football scrimmage)
      Ted: These are on-deev.
      Thom: Gay people say "on-deev". Everyone ELSE says endive.
      Ted: When we put these carrots around here...Thom, why are we doing that? Back to you... Thom!
      Thom: Because they bring color into the platter and they're also edible because they're FOOD! (mugs for camera)

    • Seth: There's a wall that Suzanne and one of her friends tried to redo.
      Friend: We figured we'd take down the wallpaper in the TV room.
      Seth: It looks like something out of Cops.
      Friend: Ripped it. And it took everything down to the sheetrock.

    • Carson: And the whole thing is we're going to try to find things that are kind of "off the rack". Even the food.
      Ted: Except the pig, which you're going to have to slaughter and roast.
      Christian: Sweet. I can do that.
      Carson: You have to spay and neuter it first though.

    • Carson: Peanut butter, dog's best friend! (while dog licks his face.) Oh, Stanley!
      Carson: These dogs love me.
      Ted: That's because you have the same basic IQ level.

    • Ted: You're the lord of a very wee grill.

    • Jai: You've got to be kidding me. Are you— Ow!

    • Thom: That's the only person you can get to eat your cooking.
      Ted: Ohhh, that's not true!

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