Queer Eye

Season 4 Episode 10

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Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Aug 08, 2006 on Netflix



  • Quotes

    • Ted: (as the younger Rotondos are talking about going to the racetrack with their fathers from a young age) My dad always took me to bars, but the track is pretty good too.

      Carson: (lying on the denim bedspread in jeans) WHERE ARE MY LEGS!?!

      Peter Sr: I love women!
      Kyan: I love women too. Not quite in the same way.
      Carson: I love women's shoes.

      Peter Sr: (about women) They say, I'm getting my 'thing' next week so they're aggravated this week, and the week after, I had my 'thing' last week...
      Kyan: You're talking about their periods.
      Peter Sr: When is there a window for you to be nice to a guy?!

      Peter Sr: The unconditional love my mother gives me, if every women gave that to a guy in a relationship, there would be no divorce.

      Ted: He's having trouble opening a bag of cheese. This doesn't look good.
      Peter Sr: (stabbing a bag of cheese with a knife) Ohh, I need a wife.
      Kyan: That's what wives are for.
      Carson: To have, to hold, to open bags of cheese.

      Whitey: We have to cover the dish with foil.
      Peter Sr: Dad, what kind of foil, this one (holds up foil) or this clear one? (Holds up saran wrap) I don't know!?
      Ted: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? If you want lasagne with melted plastic on the top, I guess you could go that way.