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  • Season 1
    • Hair Today, Art Tomorrow: Brian S
      #1 straight guy Brian is a gifted rising artist, but you'd never know it to look at him. His hair's a mess, he wears the same paint splattered overalls every day, and his small apartment is so cluttered with his art materials cleaning it is impossible. In Queer Eye's premiere episode, the Fab Five give Brian a much needed makeover to wow 'em at his first gallery show.moreless
    • A Great Mess in Great Neck: Adam Z
      The Fab Five help a businessman and father of three young children smarten up his shlubby image (and get rid of his unibrow!) for his wife's birthday party.
    • Make Room for Lisa: Tom K
      The Fab Five help shaggy haired rocker Tom create a clean and cosy home to invite his girlfriend to move in with him.
    • He's a Little Bit Country: John B.
      The Fab Five help urban cowboy John create a dream proposal for his girlfriend.
    • For Better and Verse: Vincent T.
      The Fab Five help studio manager and aspiring singer Vincent prepare for his first big solo performance.
    • Queer Eye for Our Production Guy: Andrew L
      Charity begins at home, so this week the Fab Five makeover one of their own crew members, slobby sound engineer Andrew, to smarten him up and get him ready for a big date with his on-off girlfriend Diana.
    • Law & Disorder: John V
      The Fab Five take a shot at remaking a New York Policeman, John Verdi, to help rekindle the romance with his model girlfriend of 3 years.
    • My Big Fat Greek Haircut: George K.
      The Fab 5 take a shot at a man who was once shot at. When he was younger, George took a bullet for his mom after an encounter with an armed robber. After a successful surgery and years of physical conditioning, George is now back in shape and ready to meet a new girl (especially after just being dumped). The Fab 5 work their magic to turn his apartment into a very stylish, yet cozy place. However, their big challenge is George's hair which is long and big like the "hair bands" of the 80s and early 90s.moreless
    • Talk, Dark, & Dancin': Josh D
      Josh has been working hard already to improve his own looks. He just lost about 100 pounds, but still needs further help from the FAB 5. His apartment is very thirft store furniture decorated, his fridge is constantly practically empty, and his clothes and hair could use a touch change. Josh hopes that his new girlfriend will love and appreciate him more for all the wonders that he does to himself and his home.moreless
    • Make Over for Daddy: Tom M
      Tom is a two time divorced dad who spends most of his spare change on his kids and not on his house or appearance. problem: tom is 6'6, and set in his ways. So it begins with Carson bringing balance to his wardrobe with cool tee shirts, flat shorts, and a more modern pool bag. Kyan sends hims to a spa and gives him a citrus face wash,Ted opens the door to sushi rolls.Jai gives him theater tickets and toys,and finally Thom fixes tom's apartment with a few mirrors,a bar,and a way to show off his kids art work. The event is a small party that includes Tom's sister bringing a friend,and it goes off beautifully except for Tom putting too much wasabi in the sushi rolls,the episode ends with Tom asking the friend out for dancing.moreless
    • Meet the Folks: Alan C
      Meet Alan, a self-confessed miser who shops only in thrift stores, decorates his house with furniture thrown out by other people, and refuses to spend any money on his girlfriend Katy! The Fab Five introduce Alan to the world of proper grooming and help him discover fashionable, budget-conscious clothing, setting him up for what proves to be a hilariously awkward drinks party for his and Katy's parents to meet.moreless
    • Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Length of Hair: Jeff T
      Jeff Toale,husband,dad,taxidermist,outdoors man,former model,postal worker, this is a outgoing guy. Except he has one problem he desperately needs a makeover since he has a 30 year mustache and long hair, his wardrobe is atrocious, and he only likes to cook fish.so after doing the initial sweep the fab five split to their jobs.Carson along with Jeff and daughter Christina head off to a outdoor sportsmen clothing store Jeff is given outfits in denim,plaid, and boots.Jai takes Jeff to have his picture taken in an old modeling pose,and Jeff gets a frame and instructions to take a family photo.Kyan convinces Jeff to loose the long hair AND the mustache showing a surprising David Bowie clone. Kyan also gives Jeff skin treatment creams to help with aging. Ted shows Jeff and Christina how to make grilled fish wrapped in a banana leaf after a failed fishing trip. And Thom thrilled at a clean bathroom,lightened up the dark dining room and added new furniture to Jeff's room. The party started without a hitch as Jeff had outfit and food help, with his wife and son surprised Jeff retreats up stairs until the guests the come, then he sings a endearing song about the fab five,after wards the Toales take a family photo.moreless
    • Mr. Clean Comes Clean: Richard M
      Rich Miller,a lawyer who believes in being yourself isn't even following his own advice,Mr.Miller has a toupee, and his wife and kids have never seen him without it.That's a big part of the iceberg, His house is huge but empty.Also Richard is shy in group scenarios and usually hides in the kitchen cooking. Carson quickly decides what Richard needs, a good power suit. Jai helps him with social skills by introducing him to the cast of Taboo! which includes Boy George and producer Rosie O'Donnell. Jai also helps Richard with the idea of romance with his wife.Kyan helps Richard move into the idea of being toupee less, and gives him some things to get rid of his paper white skin.Ted shows Richard the joy of having a catered meal. and Thom fills several rooms with tasteful furniture. When they leave the Fab five convince Richard to BURN his toupee. The preparations are fairly quick, then Richard's family comes home and sees him for the first time,Mrs. Miller's joyous while the kids are glad and are quickly taken away. Once the guests arrive everyone except Richard's own mother are thrilled by the changes, then after the meal Mr&Mrs.Miller, sneak up stairs where Mrs.Miller is amazed at her new bedroom and becomes enamored again when Richard says a few sincere words.moreless
    • Helping the Hard-Rocking Host: Steven S.
      Steven is a rock music expert who dresses like an 80's band reject has fried tri- colored hair,a apartment that's been overpowered by his girlfriend Jackie's stuff,and a diet that's needs more healthy food. When Carson and Kyan take him shopping,he rebels against a paisley shirt and begin throwing things out of the stall.But he calms down when he finds out that Carson is able to work in his awesome collection of band shirts.Jai gives him tickets to an adult puppet show,a beautiful photo of Jimi Hendrix and passes for a walking tour.Kyan agrees that Steven's hair is a work in progress,he helps by getting rid of some of the colors and shaping it.Steven is then given a nose hair trimmer.Ted shows him how to make a wheatgrass smoothie and gives him a blender. Thom decorates the apartment so it looks bigger and to show that Steven exists in it. During the preperation Steven does everything perfectly, except the smoothie. On his arrival to the show, Steven's fellow hosts are amazed and Steven takes it all in stride, it seems along with his hair Steven is on the road to success and recovery.moreless
    • Create an Officer and a Gentleman: Ross M.
      Ross, a ex marine wants mix with his girlfriend Thersea who is more socially active has drafted the Fab five into helping. Carson who decides that Ross shall have a military-civilian mix wardrobe takes him to John Varatos's store where he models for the designer himself. Jai teaches Ross and Theresa how to salsa, and Kyan takes Ross to a skin care lab to have him looked over. Ted teaches Ross how to make a choclate souffle and they try out a few dessert wines. Thom drags the couple to a store where they buy a table,chairs and a new bed. He also surpises them with a flat screen TV. The preparations begin after a toast and salute, and the only serious mistake was that he under mixed his egg whites and chocolate in the souffle. Once Theresea has gotten over the shock, they enjoy the souffle and leave for the dance club. Once they begin dancing Ross is stiff and akward but during the last few minutes he loosens up.moreless
    • A Very Queer Eye Holiday
    • A Very Queer Eye Holiday: Holiday Special
      The Fab 5 are having a party! and they're inviting some of their past projects: Butch, George, John B., and Adam. Just before the party, each of them went to a straight guy's house and see if they had kept themselves together. Over all the guys did beautifully with only a few foul ups (one ended in Ted chasing the straight guy around the room). The Fab 5 give tips through out the party and at the end they give the guys gifts:

      George gets a gift from Ted - a set of knives
      Butch gets a gift from Kyan - free massages for a year
      Adam gets a gift from Thom - a painting
      John gets a gift from Carson - a tux
      Adam also gets an overachiever award (a gift from Jai), along with keeping himself and his house wonderful, he did additional housework and he lost a lot of weight.

      Meanwhile John and Tina give the Fab 5 a gift : they would love it if the Fab 5 would be John's groomsmen for their wedding!

      in conclusion the Fab five 's a version of Santa,their arrival is unknown.They know when you've been bad or good.They give you things and,they'll probably eat any cookies you've got laying around.moreless
    • Radio Ralph: Ralph S.
      Ralph is the ultimate single straight guy: he's a radio host and DJs in a strip bar. But as he approaches his mid-thirties, he's leaving the wild stuff behind and becoming more settled. The Fab Five help Ralph clean up a little as he prepares to turn his radio gig into a full time career, and hopefully meet a (non-stripper!) girlfriend too.moreless
    • Stand Up and Deliver: Kevin D
      Kevin is a successful stand up comedian. He has a beautiful girlfriend, Matilda, who he wants to propose to. He also has OCD and compulsively collects things to the point where his apartment resembles a garbage dump! The Fab Five face their biggest challenge to date as they turn this lounge lizard into a style king!moreless
    • Compose Yourself: Warren L.
      Warren is a musical theater composer,and he's STRAIGHT! anyway,This former Oklahoma baby faced boy has come to make it big in the big apple. Problems:He bites his nails, his clothes make him look younger,all of his food has something growing on it,his apartment is one of Thom's nightmares.So Carson shows him that dark colors look good on him and give him some things to make look him more adult.Jai checks out the space of the theater and gives Warren some feedback cards.Kyan gets Warren a manicure and a massage.Ted shows him to tastefully display cheese and crackers.Finally Thom toned down the apartment and made it more organized.The prep is worrisome as Warren oddly skips the usual shower,but he does wash up a little and puts on the anti biting stuff,he then gets dressed and then goes into the kitchen to do the food.With some creative techniques he gets it prepared and then drops some crackers on the floor. After his roommate and girlfriend come and admire everything they leave for the theater where the reading goes off great.After the show the grand producer JEFFERY SELLER tells Warren he liked it but could he focus a little more on the characters thinkings?.He accepts this,and goes on to the other guests.moreless
    • Queer Guy for the Skate Guy: John Z.
      This is the most romantic QEfSG yet! John is an Olympic medal winner,so is his lovely wife Sylvia who just for John,left her family in Italy to live in America.So to show just how much he loves her,John has to admit his wardrobe is nothing but sweats,tees,and track suits.He has to admit their apartment is nothing but boxes because they haven't been able to unpack yet.And he has to admit his toes are scary.So after deciding that this event will Italian themed Carson drapes John in Armani.Jai gives John a piece of art work that in John's eyes represents the hopes he has for his and Sylvia's life together,then Kyan takes John for a extremely needed pedicure and gives him a spa kit.Ted shows how to make ravioli and gets him a bottle of wine.Thom paints and decorates the apartment with light colors and shades.The prep is quick and when Sylvia comes she is amazed at the apartment and dinner.The couple quickly dashes off to Central park where they lovingly skate.moreless
    • Meeting Mildred: Rob M.
      Rob's life consists of 2 women:his godmother Mildred,and his girlfriend of a year Terri.He wants them to meet.Rob likes wearing dashikis,jeans and Tye dyed shirts,His apartment shows that he likes cultural stuff but he has problems displaying it.His dreads are messy and his love of photography is limited. Carson mixes Robs' tastes with more grown up things.Jai takes Rob to a friends where he gets some of his photos looked over and later Rob gets a better printer.Kyan gets Robs' dreads some TLC,and gives Rob a shaving kit. Ted tells him how to prepare a fish stew.Thom matures Robs' apartment. The prep mainly consists of Rob cooking the stew,and then he has to be forced out of the shower when his guests arrive.Finally and most importantly Mildred and Terri meets and seem to be friendly toward each other. At the end of the party Rob tells his friends and loved ones how much they mean to them.moreless
    • Training Day: James M.
      James needs help. His mother has helped him decorate by sending him stuff from Korea. The furniture is vile and the house smells like fish and James's dog is a nightmare. He has a girlfriend, Taebe, and he wants to be more focused on her. He's an Ivy-league guy, so his stuff is preppy- and he can't iron. Carson takes him to get preppy yet hip stuff, Ted takes him to learn how to decorate lemon tarts, and sets him up with a catered Moroccan dinner, and sets him up to make home-made sorbet, Thom gets him all new furniture and makes the place just nice, Kyan gets him lessons on a Thai message, and Jai takes James' dog and his own little dog Nemo to obedience school . The end is probably the worst disaster ever. The sorbet is soupy, the guy just gives up on the ironing, the dog pees everywhere and chews up one of the shoes, and the girlfriend didn't like anything he did, just the house and the outfit.moreless
    • Do You Know the Mullet Man? Mark Fa.
      Mark is a devoted husband and stepfather to Karly, but is family are embarrassed by him? Why? His long, curly uber-mullet. Kyan - never one to overlook a mullet in distress - comes to Mark's aid, and the rest of the Fab Five step in to help Mark throw Karly an 18th birthday party.moreless
    • You Never Forget Your First Straight Guy: Lawson C.
      The original pilot episode, with only two of the 'Fab Five.' Carson, Ted and three others makeover Boston boy Lawson to help him romance his girlfriend.
    • Romancing the Coach: Mark Fi
      The Fab Five has gotten used to receiving letters,calls,and emails from desperate wives,moms,and girlfriends pleading to change their significant men,so when the Pelham High School Girls Volleyball team emailed them about their coach it was a no brainer.Upon meeting mark,Carson notes the need for variation so he takes Mark to a golfing store for outfits he can wear to the course,out with his wife Cindy and times for coaching games.Jai shows Mark virtual golf,and they talk his relationship with his Cindy and how much he is thankful to have her,to show that Jai gets him a locket with their wedding photo and a picture of their son.Kyan takes him to a spa and gets him some hair gel.Ted after learning that Cindy is allergic to Gluten takes Mark to a health store where they gets lots of gluten free food and Ted teaches mark how to make a raspberry parfait.Mark's house was built in 1926, and so Thom gets modern pieces that mix with the architecture of the house, he also rearranges the living room,family room and dining room.The Fab five also give Mark a brand new set of golf clubs and a engraved whistle.Mark leaves for school and gets dressed and then shows himself off to the volleyball team,they play and win, then Mark dashes home and makes a fire almost forgetting to open the flue which causes smoke to come in the living room, and he messes up the parfait. Cindy comes home and is a little shocked at how Thom rearranged her house but she loves how Mark looks and enjoys the parfait and then Mark gives her the locket and then they kiss and sit in front of their fire.moreless
    • What's that Sound: The Making of the Queer Eye Music Video
      The Fab five's theme song is brought to life.This episode basically entails the Fab five's day making the video and at the end it shows the video.
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