Queer Eye

Season 5 Episode 2

Eric & Tracie

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 02, 2007 on Netflix

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  • No endorsement for Match.com

    Caught this last night and it was painful to watch. A guy from Colorado and a girl from NYC who met on match.com were brought together. They flew him to NYC, gave her an apt makeover, bought them both clothes, set up a dinner date and then....what a fizzle. No chemistry, no sparks, not even polite interest - in fact the girl looked like she just wanted it to be over with (once she got a terrific apt makeover from Thom) - this couple really needed to be vetted better because there was no way this was a couple who looked like they would even be friends let alone boyfriend-girlfriend. I wound up not even believing that they had this great online-telephone "relationship" because they were oil and water to the point where I started to think that the girl just got in it for the perks. It was also a really bad endorsement for match.com because if this is what they think of as a match - forget it!