Queer Eye

Season 4 Episode 13

From Big Boy to Broadway Baby: Eric S

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Aug 29, 2006 on Bravo
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From Big Boy to Broadway Baby: Eric S
Eric S. is the manager of Empire Fitness Club in New Jersey, but at 320lbs, he's not the best advertisement for it! His body not only makes him feel bad, it is also preventing him from achieving his dream of making it as an actor. Not only does he only get auditions for "dumb fat guys," his own theater company, and won't even cast himself!

Eric is willing to do anything to get the body of his dreams, even if it means giving up his diet of burgers and soda, and submitting to the Fab Five's crack team of weight-loss experts as he becomes the second person to undergo Queer Eye bootcamp."moreless

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      • Ted: Eric weights more than 300lbs.
        Kyan: 300lbs! That's like three of Jai, two of me, and like, one and a half of Thom.

        Carson (to woman on treadmill): Keep going! You're almost in Michigan!

        Jai (to Eric, while pumping iron): You're trying to get smaller and I'm trying to get bigger.

        Ted: Do you guys have uneven parallel bars here? I want to do a round off double pike.

        Carson (holding up jeans): These are a 38. If we could get you in these, I'd be the happiest little girl in the world.
        Eric: So would I. (pause) Maybe I wouldn't.

        Thom: None of this furniture is worthy of the amount of stairs you had to carry it up.

        Kyan (to Eric's roommate, Mark): You are clean people, you just never dust. But you have cute hair.
        Mark: Thank you.
        Kyan: Do you exfoliate?
        Thom: Kyan is that a pickup line? (in a sexy voice) "Do you exfoliate?"
        Mark: I don't even know what exfoliating is!


        Dr. Jana Klauer: A waist size over 40 inches increases your risk for type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and numerous cancers.
        Carson: Not to mention limiting your shopping options.

        Carson (as Eric is being X rayed): I can see your coccyx!

        Carson (serving coffee) I hope you like it rich and black, I made it like I like my men.

        Eric (upset at being told what to do): It's not a lack of knowledge. No one's like, "No, cookies? I thought they were great for you!" Of course they're not! Everybody knows this!
        Thom: But not everyone is 400lbs! Like, I eat a cookie from time to time, but I'm not 400lbs.
        Ted: No, you're not a smidge over 380!

        Kyan (to Eric) So you're familiar with the gym?
        Eric: I am, I've been in there.
        Kyan: So you can show Ted a thing or two.
        Ted: What is this strange place?
        Kyan: Ted, this is a gym!

        Kyan (about the fitness instructor): Steve has developed a technique he calls speedball, that we're going to do.
        Steve: Speedball is a medicine ball class and it's going to add some motion training to your workout.
        Ted: So it's not the kind of speedball that Keith Richards would do?
        Kyan and Steve: No, no!

        Steve (about to start the class): Live for the beat, that's all that matters.
        Ted: Live for the beat? I always do.

        Steve: Okay, everyone gets a blue ball.
        Kyan: Fun with blue balls!
        Ted: What the hell is fun about blue balls?
        (Later, as they are exercising with the blue medicine balls)
        Kyan: How are your blue balls, Ted?
        Ted: I'm livin' the beat.

        Kyan (to Eric): You need to go, I'm going to stay here and kick Ted's ass a little bit...
        Ted: Hoohoo, you think so! (Does karate kick toward Kyan)

        Thom: Let's find a table for him to sit at. Look at this one. This is waterproof and breathable.
        Ted: Which you really want in a table. I think this was supposed to be on like a sweater or something, and some joker stuck it on a table.

        Carson: Oh and the pink pants!
        Steve's mother: I don't think so.
        Carson: For me.
        Steve's mother: Oh, for you! Yes.

        Thom (showing off Steve's newly designed bedroom): He's going to have some good-ass sex in here!

        Jai: We would like to welcome you to the Roundabout Theatre Company at Studio 54.
        Carson: So many famous people threw up here in the '70s.

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      • Jai: We would like to welcome you to the Roundabout Theatre Company at Studio 54.
        Carson: So many famous people threw up here in the '70s.
        Studio 54 (now a theatre) was a legendary New York club in the '70s, famous for wild hedonism and frequented by celebrities.

      • Ted: So it's not the kind of speedball that Keith Richards would do?
        'Speedball' is a slang name for the drug cocktail made of mixing cocaine and heroin (although in this episode it refers to a ball used for sports). Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is infamous for his drug use.