Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 30

Home on the Ranch: Scott B

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Apr 12, 2005 on Bravo

Episode Recap

Carson is ecstatic in this episode.He's surrounded by Scott's horses.Scott grew up in Texas and then moved to Arizona where he meet Jessica and together had their lovely girl Katherine.When Scott found out he had go back home,Jessica willing came with him leaving her friends and family behind.Scott would love to have his family meet Jessica and make her feel at home.Problems:Scott's wardrobe is denim,denim and more denim.The house has been cleaned up but it still kinda smells and Scott is being bothered by old injuries.Carson decides that Scott has enough work clothes and gets him some party and relaxation clothes including cahsmere sweaters, a suede jacket,and a new cowboy hat.Jai takes Jessica and Scott to the Dallas Muesum of Art where they discuss a painting.At home Scott is told to make a wildflower bouquet and think up a way to introudce Jessica to his firends and family.Kyan takes Scott to an acupuncturist ,he laters brings an animal acupuncturist to help out one of Scott's horses.Ted arranges for a chef to barbeque and in exchange Scott has to make coleslaw.Thom fixes some holes,eliminates the smells,and does everything in a southwestern theme.The prep:The only piece of new clothing Scott puts on is his new pair of cowboy boots,he then makes a lovely bouquet and a appealing looking coleslaw.The chef arrives and begins cooking,Then friends,family,and Jessica show up Scott makes a lovely speech and then the family takes a photo.