Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 30

Home on the Ranch: Scott B

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Apr 12, 2005 on Netflix



  • Quotes

    • Carson (As the baby takes a drink): Doesn't a pina colada taste good in the morning?

      Kyan (Twirling a lasso over his head): I'm gonna lasso me a gay man!

      Carson (Opening fridge: Behind door number one is your very own penicillin farm! Yes, you and a friend can cure various diseases with your very own home penicillin kit!

      Thom (Watching the horses): She just turned around and kicked him!
      Jessica: She wants to show them that she's dominant.
      Thom (to the horse): You're a real bitch!

      Carson is dancing around the kitchen waving a sausage, which gets caught in the ceiling fan. A piece is cut off and thrown across the room, almost hitting Ted.
      Carson: I got my sausage caught in the ceiling fan!
      Ted: Oh wait, ah! So close to my head.

      Carson: I think these boys are itchin' to get their legs wrapped around some big, solid horseflesh.

      Kyan (wearing chaps): The gays wear chaps, too, but it's really kind of a different thing.

      Carson (As Thom rides a horse): Is Thom on a stud?
      Thom: Yeah.

      Kyan: What do you use on their manes to make them so shiny?

      Thom (to Carson): Thanks, Grandma, for drivin' so slow.

      Carson: D'you like it? D'you love it? D'you want some more of it?

      Ted: Beers, steers and here's the queers!

      Carson: He's also not wearing the shirt I told him to wear. He's so dissing me right now!

      Carson: Look, he's braiding raffia!
      Ted: He's a regular florist.
      Carson: He's a raffia whisperer.
      Ted: He's eating the raffia.
      Carson: Don't eat the raffia!