Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 26

Minor League Loser to Major League Schmoozer: John D

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Mar 08, 2005 on Bravo

Episode Recap

John loves baseball. He loves his job as Assistant General Manager to the Staten Island Yankees. He would also love to meet Emily, a friend he's been talking with on-line for the past 4 years.

Problems: John's boss feels that John's wardrobe of Hawaiian shirts aren't very professional; his apartment is a mess; his hair is bleached bright yellow; he suffers from very sweaty, smelly feet; he eats nothing but fast food and and he's thrown his back out several times.

After seeing John's apartment, Carson takes him to buy durable clothes that will survive being thrown on the floor and treated roughly. Kyan takes John to get his damanged bleach job chopped off. Jai takes John on a special shopping trip to prepare a thoughtful gift bag with fluffy towels, candles, snacks and magazines for Emily. Ted takes John to an upscale grocery store so he can show John healthy convenience foods. Thom picks out cool, masculine pieces to John's liking, and also helps him pick out some earrings for Emily.

Back at the apartment, John loves Thom's makeover, especially the newly installed bar. Kyan teaches John some exercises to help strengthen his back, as Kyan also suffers from a back condition. He also gives him a new mattress to help with his back pain. Jai helps John draw up a chore chart for him and his roommate. Ted shows John a simple bruschetta recipe to serve to Emily. Carson shows John a special new outfit made just for him - a seersucker jacket with stripes that resemble Yankee pinstripes and a belt decorated with a sewn-on baseball-pattered tie.

John shaves and dresses, and procedes to make the bruscetta without any major complaints from the Fab Five. And then Emily arrives. Loud and not very polite, Emily incures the Fab Five's wrath by not thanking John for the gift bag Jai picked out, and sneering at Ted;s bruschetta recipe, which she refers to as "toast with stuff on it." John seems happy to see her, but they have to leave soon to go to the ballpark. Unfortunately the game is cancelled because of rain, but John is a big hit at the party - Emily less so. But there is a happy ending when John gives Emily the earrings, which she loves, and the two talk about how much their friendship means to them.
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