Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 15

Moving Out but Not Moving Far: John W

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Sep 21, 2004 on Netflix



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    • When Carson gets back I'm gonna put him in a ten-step couture program. Then I'm gonna kill him!-ted
      I'm gonna kill him first, you kill him second-kyan
      We can dress John Williams from New Jersey!-jai
      Alright, everybody do a flip. (everyone does a Carson hair flip)-ted

      (talking in Irish accents)
      I remember growing up as a wee little kid in the father land-kyan
      Rushin' down the hills. And I almost fell and busted me collarbone, I did-kyan
      Was that what turned ya queer, was it?-ted
      That's what turned me homo-kyan

      It was love at first sight-john
      Now when you felt like that, how many cocktails had you had?-ted

      Are you gonna hang, Ted?-jai
      I was gonna hang five or six or... however many I was able to hang-ted

      Buckle up, John. Thom can't drive to save his life-kyan

    • I shopped my fingers to the nubs-Carson

  • Notes

    • Carson Kressley was not present in the first half of this episode because he was in Canada filming his debut movie The Perfect Man.

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