Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 9

Never too Late to Celebrate: Chris L

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jul 27, 2004 on Bravo
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Never too Late to Celebrate: Chris L
Canadian Chris fell in love with Filipino-born Michelle straight out of high school and dated her all through college. When Chris was offered a job in the US after graduation, he asked Michelle to come with him. She was delighted, but her conservative family insisted they marry first. They are happily married, but have some regrets about their rush, no-frills ceremony far away from their families. The Fab Five throw them a beautiful, intimate renewal of vows ceremony, with all their relatives and other loved ones present.moreless

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      • Thom: Can't sleep at night? Stop counting sheep and start counting threads. The higher the thread count, the better you sleep - 200, if you're on a budget; 400 - Better; 600 - Now we're talking. I'm floating on air.

      • Ted: Ice can be cool, in more ways than one - freeze fresh herbs in your ice cubes, and put them in drinks, for flavor, and for cool. Cheers!

      • Carson: When it comes to ties, size matters. Why not try a different size?

      • Jai: Wedding gifts are a must, but you don't have to bring them at the wedding. Cards and packages can easily get misplaced, and no honeymooner wants to juggle boxes on the plane to Antigua.

      • Thom: (about Chris, to Jai) Look at that smoking butt.

      • Kyan: Ready to party?
        Carson: Yeah, open up the gay bar.

      • Jai: (about the diamond necklace) "Bling" leads me to tears.

      • Thom: This just proves that if you are given lemons, you make lemonade.
        Carson: Or you can add vodka.

      • Carson (Jai starts crying) Come here sweetie.

      • Kyan: Why am I sitting next to Thom?
        Thom: Because you have a bad personality and I balance you out.

      • Carson: What more could a gal like me ask for?

      • Chris takes a shower while the Fab Five watch from their loft.
        Carson: Did you recommend that shower?
        Kyan: Yeah, I did.
        Carson: I love you!

      • Ted: Jai-Lo! Straight guy for you!

      • Ted (abou Michelle's conservative parents): Yep Carson, you can live in Jersey, but not in sin.

      • Carson: Let's groom the Groom.

      • Thom: (to Chris) Come here sugar. Let's snuggle in your new bed.

      • Jai When I grow up, I wanna have an ass just like that.

      • Thom: Is this your thong Michelle?
        Michelle: It's either mine or yours.
        Thom: OK, I'll take it.

      • Carson: We'll get you naked. (Chris immediately starts undressing) Good, good. Very good!

      • Thom: What do you think is romantic?
        Carson: Maybe everyone can be naked at their wedding? I'd like that.

      • Carson: (while wearing a black garbage can on his face) I am your father.

      • Carson: You're under arrest for living like this.

      • Carson (Carson and Chris walk out both inside the same huge sweatshirt): Do you think your parents will be stunned to find out you had a siamese brother undiscovered until now?

      • Ted (about Chris and Michell's wedding photos): Which picture is your dad and where's the shotgun?

      • Jai: Hey where is the porn?
        Thom: There is no porn?
        Jai: Yeah, there isn't any.
        Thom: Damn it!

      • Carson: You can live in New Jersey but you can't live in sin?

        Thom: You guys, I found the Lindbergh baby!

        Ted: It's like self-help refrigerator magnets. That's just creeping me out.

        Carson: It's like the Amish version of Sex in the City.

        Thom: You're asthetically-challenged.

        Ted: Will it make her cry? I wanna make her cry!

        Thom: We are about to go through Tabletop 101. For gay people this is like Monday Night football.

        Carson: Sometimes it's so hard to find the hole.

        Ted (about the marquee): Come on in, guys. We pitched a tent!

      • Ted: Here's your new bride!
        (Carson runs up wearing a veil)
        Carson: There's still time!
        Ted: Wait wait wait! Carson, wearing white?

        Ted(on making cards): Guys just don't get to play with ribbon and hole punchers do they?

        Kyan: All I have to say to you is, Pour me a glass of champagne, bitch!

        Kyan: Do you want what's in the trash can or behind curtain #1?

        Carson: It's every girl's best friend, it's rock hard and shiny. Diamonds!

        Chris: You really showed me how to be a man.
        Thom: Isn't that ironic?

        Jai: I wanna get married now!

        Carson: did you recommend a bath?
        Kyan: I did.
        Carson: I love you!
        Kyan: No bubbles guys, no bubbles!
        (Chris draws the shower curtain across the bath)
        Fab Five: AAAAAAWWWWWWW!-Fab 5

        Carson: He's got a slammin' body!

        (Talking about the importance of a good seating plan)
        Kyan: Why am I sitting next to Thom?
        Thom: Because I've got a good personality and you don't.
        Kyan: Oh.That makes me feel so much better.

        Kyan: The men are all crying, I love it!

        Carson (on the dancing guests) they are so Caucasian!

        Thom: This proves you can take lemons and make lemonade!
        Carson: Or add vodka!

    • NOTES (1)

      • The Fab 5 all gave Chris and Michelle a wedding present:

        Jai gave Chris a speech and hired a photographer for the wedding.
        Carson gave Chris a diamond necklace to give to Michelle.
        Thom designed them a bedroom, and the party.
        Kyan gave them a spa gift basket.
        Ted gave them china.

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