Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 9

Never too Late to Celebrate: Chris L

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jul 27, 2004 on Bravo

Episode Recap

Chris and Michelle Lim are happy newlyweds and love telling the story of how they met and about their TINY,SIMPLE hurried wedding as Chris had gotten a great job in the US (they're both from Canada)but their families didn't want them "living in sin" so now they're in a itty bitty apartment over a laundromat.Oh well,Problems:Chris has mulletish thinning hair and dry skin,he has a nice body from years of swimming but doesn't show it off right,he is really frugal causing their apartment to be very bare.Anyway,the event is that the Lims want to have a belated wedding reception with all their friends and family flying in from Canada to see them for the 1st time since they moved.So Carson gets Chris a brown suit and some sportswear,Carson quickly shoves Chris out of the store off to Jai and then dashes up stairs to the women's department where Michelle is waiting where he gets her a lovely ensemble. Back at their apartment Carson is waiting with a salesman and a bodyguard who is holding diamonds!Chris picks out a nice,simple necklace for Michelle.Kyan shortens Chris's hair,gives him some hair thickening products,and his present is spa basket for him and Michelle and a certificate for a full out spa day.Jai takes Chris to a flower shop where they buy orchids for the guests to take home,he then has Chris write a toast for Michelle,Jai's present is a photographer for the reception,as their wedding photos are all Polaroids.The theme of the reception is Asian Elegance,so Ted brings Chris to a awesome caterer where they sample things for a raw bar.Ted also tells Chris about seating arrangements.As a wedding present,Ted gives Chris and Michelle a china set.Thom brought Larry the caterer along to a rental store,where they compare table shapes and dishes.Later we see where the reception will be held:in a big tent with peacock feathers and purple umbrellas.The fab 5 promised the couple they wouldn't touch a thing in their apartment except for Thom's present:the bedroom which has new paint,a new bed and various Asian-inspired items.Chris does all the prep perfectly,YEAH! As their guests arrive,Chris is a perfect host and once everyone arrives Chris gives his beautiful toast,their fathers toast,he then gives Michelle her necklace,and then they and their parents dance.
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