Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 9

Never too Late to Celebrate: Chris L

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jul 27, 2004 on Netflix



  • Quotes

    • Ted: Here's your new bride!
      (Carson runs up wearing a veil)
      Carson: There's still time!
      Ted: Wait wait wait! Carson, wearing white?

      Ted(on making cards): Guys just don't get to play with ribbon and hole punchers do they?

      Kyan: All I have to say to you is, Pour me a glass of champagne, bitch!

      Kyan: Do you want what's in the trash can or behind curtain #1?

      Carson: It's every girl's best friend, it's rock hard and shiny. Diamonds!

      Chris: You really showed me how to be a man.
      Thom: Isn't that ironic?

      Jai: I wanna get married now!

      Carson: did you recommend a bath?
      Kyan: I did.
      Carson: I love you!
      Kyan: No bubbles guys, no bubbles!
      (Chris draws the shower curtain across the bath)
      Fab Five: AAAAAAWWWWWWW!-Fab 5

      Carson: He's got a slammin' body!

      (Talking about the importance of a good seating plan)
      Kyan: Why am I sitting next to Thom?
      Thom: Because I've got a good personality and you don't.
      Kyan: Oh.That makes me feel so much better.

      Kyan: The men are all crying, I love it!

      Carson (on the dancing guests) they are so Caucasian!

      Thom: This proves you can take lemons and make lemonade!
      Carson: Or add vodka!