Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 9

Never too Late to Celebrate: Chris L

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jul 27, 2004 on Netflix



  • Quotes

    • Carson: You can live in New Jersey but you can't live in sin?

      Thom: You guys, I found the Lindbergh baby!

      Ted: It's like self-help refrigerator magnets. That's just creeping me out.

      Carson: It's like the Amish version of Sex in the City.

      Thom: You're asthetically-challenged.

      Ted: Will it make her cry? I wanna make her cry!

      Thom: We are about to go through Tabletop 101. For gay people this is like Monday Night football.

      Carson: Sometimes it's so hard to find the hole.

      Ted (about the marquee): Come on in, guys. We pitched a tent!