Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 5

Queer Eye for a Not-So-Straight Guy: Wayne H.

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jun 29, 2004 on Bravo

Episode Recap

A HISTORIC EVENT! Wayne is gay, except he's depressed.He hasn't been on a date in 3 years,he lives in a tiny apartment,has oily skin,he collects plastic bags,and he doesn't like veggies.The event:a couple pals are taking him to a bar for open Mic night.So Carson takes Wayne to "gay men heaven"Blooming-dales,where they flirt with sales boys and get things that fit.Wayne is diagnosed as an Autumn and is told to wear oranges,greens,teals,and browns.Jai learns that Wayne has done a little performing so he and Wayne go to a improv theater along with Wayne's friend Paul where they do a few exercises.As the theater is very good for dates Jai gives Wayne some tickets. Wayne is bit confused when he meets Kyan in a park,Kyan is standing with 2 bikes,so they go for a bike ride for some cardio and talk about what Wayne likes in a guy,back at Wayne's Kyan introduces Beauty Night where they try out different moisturizers and skin treatments.Ted takes Wayne to a cafe where Wayne is stubborn on the salads but he likes sausage pasta and key lime pie.His friends are coming over before they go out,so Wayne makes date-almond-bacon-goat cheese hors d'oeuvre and "gay kool-ade" cocktails.Thom takes Wayne to SoHo where they get mahogany furniture, and Thom covers one wall with a big mirror.he also put in a glass bedroom door.After the guys leave,Wayne heads into the kitchen where he hunts for a sponge,sadly not locating one,goes to make the snacks.He rapidly showers and shaves and then fortifies himself with a test run cocktail.Just before he gets dressed his pal Paul arrives and he gives him a quick tour,then his other friends arrive, he gives them snacks and drinks and leaves to dress. The bunch leave and mingle at the bar, His friends then drag him up on stage to do an improv exercise and he hesitantly does it and ends up with heavy applause.