Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 6

Raising the Stakes: John S.

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jul 06, 2004 on Bravo

Episode Recap

John loves a good game of poker. Problems abound for this ex cop: He loves going to the beach, but he has NEVER used sunscreen, he wears old t-shirts and shorts all year round, his house consists of unfinished projects, and he drinks loads of beer which causes him to lose fast and big in his games.

Carson gets John some new beach attire, and for tonight a light green shirt, slacks, loafers and a sports jacket. John also gets new sunglasses. Jai,who got trapped in Johns' old handcuffs, brings Thom and John to a game store.They buy a green poker tabletop and a set of monogrammed poker chips, and Jai has poker expert Phil Gordon gives John some tips to help his game. Jai found out that John's wife Rita is usually stuck upstairs during Poker Night,so he arranges for Rita and their daughter Trish to go out for a fancy dinner. Kyan takes John for a haircut and a manicure&pedicure, and finally gives John sunscreen and lotions. Ted after shaking his head at the cheap beer that is usually served at poker night takes John to a Brooklyn Brewery where they try some suds. Later Ted shows him three sandwiches: a muffaletta, a red pepper caprese and the Rockaway club. Thom meets John at a combo furniture&hardware store where they buy curtains, dining chairs, striped throw pillows, a sand-friendly striped rug, paint, light fixtures and some things to finish some of the projects. Thom puts in shuttered doors to separate the dining room and the kitchen, along with several new drawer handles that double as bottle openers.

The prep begins with John making the sandwiches. He gets ready (shaving badly) and puts on sandals to show off the pedicure instead of the loafers carson picked out. When Rita and Trish come home, they are amazed, especially when the car comes to take them out to a restaurant. John's poker buddies arrive -- surprisingly dressed up, and all of them rag John about the food and his clothes. In the end John loses to his nephew, but the Fab Five still think he's the poker king.