Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 11

Refining New York's Finest: Michael Z

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Aug 10, 2004 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Michael is a:cop,brother,role model,boyfriend and baseball player.Problems:his apartment is empty and ugly,he's extremely forgetful and a procrastinator,he doesn't have a lot of color in his wardrobe,and he's kinda out of shape.Carson gets Michael a suit that can be transformed into several different outfits,he also gets him a set of clothes for the P.A.Ls game Michael will be playing in tonight.He also gets a new pair of sneakers(see goofs).Jai gets Michael a Sidekick,he also has Michael work on a little speech for his mom.Kyan,after telling off Michael for eating too many cheeseburgers takes him to the gym for an ab workout,he laters gives Michael a membership card for a year, foot powder,and a nose hair trimmer.Michael's diet is full of fat and grease so Ted takes him to a healthier burger joint where Michael tries a tasty soy burger.Michael's girlfriend Mellie is coming over before the game so Ted shows how to make a wheat pasta dish.Thom gets basic things for Michael's apartment which includes a flat screen TV,he also rearranges some rooms.

Michael mis cooks the pasta and he puts candles in the WOODEN bookcase.At the game his speech is a little long,the end Score 8-7 thanks to a home run made by Michael,he and Mellie then leave for an off camera date.