Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 11

Refining New York's Finest: Michael Z

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Aug 10, 2004 on Netflix



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    • Carson: He needs to face his fears with these five queers.

      Carson: We need to put some fine back in New York's finest.

      Jai: Where's the porn?

      Thom: Your room is pretty scary. I can't believe you have a girlfriend. Good job.

      Carson: If Mike gets on a train in Albany at 2 pm, and Sally gets on a train in Atlanta at 5 pm, how long will it take Mike to realize this tie is the most ugliest thing I've seen in my whole life?

      Thom: How do you know you're in love?
      Michael: In love, I guess, when you think about a person all the time, and I call her like ten times a day.
      Thom: Um, that's actually called a stalker.

      Thom: You have a huge livingroom. Right now you could rollerblade from piece of furniture to piece of furniture. You only have, like, three pieces.

      Ted: So maybe we should take the soy burgers back to your buddies and don't tell 'em what it is. And then they'll kick your ass afterwards, but... it's good!

      Ted: Wait, did you just call a couch "cinnamon"?
      Jai: Wow, you really have been hanging out with Thom.

      Ted: I found something in your fridge that calls itself parmesan cheese and it's (pretends to cry) in a plastic can! Michael grabs for it
      Ted: Wait, it's too late. I already found it, man.

      Thom: He's lighting candles inside of a bookshelf. Can someone say "fire hazard"?

      Kyan: Don't share your nose hair trimmer!
      Carson: What's next? Sharing needles?

      Watching Michael play baseball
      Ted: He hit a homo-run!

      Carson: He's Out!
      Kyan: He's safe!
      Carson: I'm out, he's safe.

      Kyan: How often to you buy new shoes?
      Michael: When they fall apart?
      Kyan pulls the bottom of Michael shoe off
      Kyan: Guess you need new shoes then!

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