Queer Eye

Wednesday 12:00 AM on Netflix Premiered Jul 15, 2003 In Season


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  • Dialogues are fun, Cast are energetic, And i can learn something from each episode. For a complete forigener and straight, The show opens another door to another kind of life!

    To my surprise, the show is always fun to watch.
    Each day after work, the great expectation to watch the show becomes my daily hobbit. The reason for me to watch the show is that I can always laugh by their dialogues and at the same time i learn right away what i'm missing right now. The queer eye is, indeed, different.
    As a straight, i'd prefer a life of quality but sometimes don't know how to pursue or even know it.
    The biggest reason is that I've got no sense, and the show gives me a key open the door.
    Great cast and great act!