Queer Eye

Wednesday 12:00 AM on Netflix Premiered Jul 15, 2003 In Season


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  • Not a make-over, a make better

    Make-over shows started with Maurry and Sally Jessie Raphael. We’ve come along way since then. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy takes Joe Straight and fixes him up with new furniture, a new wardrobe, new body and hair products, and basic introductions into culture and cooking. Most women agree: men on the whole need a lot of work, and who better to help them than five gay men who have an area of expertise that can be universally helpful.

    The tips aren’t insane or out there. They’re usable, practical, and not gender limited. As a straight girl, I find it extremely useful to learn interior design and cooking tips from Thom and Ted. The whole population can benefit from these “make-better” tips. And by make better, I mean that they’re simply not changing his wardrobe and fixing up the living room, they’re dishing out useful hints and tricks that can be used every day to make the quality of life better all together.

    For anyone looking for decorating tips, hair care tricks (never underestimate the power of a nose hair trimmer) and fashion advice, the Fab Five have it covered. Want to better appreciate art or wine? The Fab Five have it covered. There is a wealth of good, useful information on this show and the fact that the hosts are gay is merely a footnote. Anyone obsessing over the sexual orientation of the Fab Five and the fact that the word “Queer” is in the title needs to get over it. This show is extremely useful, for anyone!